What's the cost of a new avatar?

You can buy gems, various summons coins, aethers, Ascension materials etc…, But wait there’s more - an exclusive avatar too. Why waste your time completing avatar missions in the various maps people, or placing top 10 in events, just pull out your credit card(s).

Hooray for a different type of offer :woozy_face:. It’s a good thing we don’t have too many of those lol. Not tempted at all, although the offer isn’t targeted at me. What are your thoughts forum buddies…

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:rofl::joy: that was my reaction when I saw that offer.

Now we get to buy the avatar before the hero is released into live game.

Once upon a time, in my younger days in this game, I would have bought this offer without hesitation. Not now.

SWK is one of my favourite characters.

I threw money in another game just to secure SWK when his hero card was released. :joy::rofl:

Avatars can be purchased in other games. Even frames. Anything pixel that can be sold will be sold. :laughing:

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Those pixels are way too expensive. In Polish Zloty it costs 1/4 of the minimum wage in Poland.
Zynga values in-game items way too high.

Of course I would love to have a very difficult quest that can even take a month to finish so that I could get a tome of golden emblems. But why would they do that if they can sell it. :woman_shrugging:


£100 in the UK for this offer …
The money grab looks to go from bad to worse…
It’s basically cost out at 10 hours work at minimum wage for a youngster…
These offers are getting out of hand and whoever buys Avatars (with a few extra bits thrown in) for this kind of money need their marbles feeling …


Oh nooooooo… luckily those days are behind me. :joy::rofl:


Thx for posting this screenshot. I thought that there is some problem in my machine as this offer is not shown in the usual place.


I’m not upset about stuff like that. I acknowledge it and tap it away. I don’t care what’s on offer, I won’t buy anything anymore anyway. Gone are these days since switching POV to monthly.


But I would generally be happy about more free avatars. Not to change mine. Just to get rid of all the new player Gunnars. :roll_eyes:


I am wondering when this hero will we receive in Beta in the offer :smiley:

It is highly likely it will arrive sooner or later :smiley:


oh my, I am clearly not in the target market either @Sarah2 :slight_smile: for that price, my husband and I could go on an afternoon date that includes - (note! I am comparing costs per person, which I think is fair - if we were to buy the deal, each of us would buy it right?)

  1. 1-hour boat ride to a secluded lighthouse island in Amsterdam (1 hour one way)
  2. cheese platter and wine on the boat
  3. 7-8 full course dinner on the island lasting 3 hours

or, we could spring for an overnight stay in one of the fanciest hotels in the city center…

give me avatar farming in s5 any day!!


My thoughts are this:

Insane is insane is insanity

They must be raving mad.

But I must concede…the fog around SWK and the presentation of the offer in general looks pretty cool lol


Probably for the next W3K. May 2023.

Enter beta V57 (March) or latest V58 (April)


With two legendary tomes in there, the price isn’t that surprising… How much of the price is really the avatar? (Of course, this offer is not tempting at all for me, even if the avatar was a free gift with the other purchases.)


A fool and his money are easily parted

But if said fool is a trust fund baby or retired with more money than is needed then why not?

Honestly this game caters well to the “Elite” who like to flaunt said cash.

And to keep it flowing you need to give them ways to Epeen.

I looked at the offer and decided immediately it’s not aimed at me. So I moved on.


I need to move to Amsterdam.

That gets me and my Wife a 1 night stay in a PremierInn here…provided I book it far enough in advance :joy:

No food or drink included…


Ooooh a new offer, and look how shiny, it looks so different than the rest!"

Checks offer

For me, wearing such a paywalled avatar would be similar to that golden frame from the PoV. I´d feel embarrased parading that thing around.

Each purchase made in this game only does one thing;
Making it worse. For all of us. :hook: :heart: :coin: :money_with_wings: :broken_heart:

Either way! I guess the biggest appeal in that offer is that book, that ascends a hero for no additional cost?

Is that new, by the way? I haven´t seen it before.

It must be one of those

“Here´s a new thing you can earn in game, but really, you won´t be able to - You´ll only be able to buy it”- items?

Who let this sarcastic girl into the room? Where´s the sunshine, rainbows and unicorns Gwniver?

Why, let me just go fetch her for you! :phone:

Oh, my bad. She was wearing her costume version 2. Let´s take that thing off. :dress:

My bad. She was hiding under the big pile of

“New Aethers, new Portals, new OP heroes, new lower % chance, way too few QoL updates, no Buffs to older heroes, no communication from SG, and a total of seven offers crowding her screen today”- nonsense.



This offer isn’t targeted at me… I feel indifferent about it.


come on over :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll tell you where to get the best grocery and restaurant deals too :joy:

as I’ve already mentioned this, might as well share the full details

I surprised my man with this on his birthday, he definitely didn’t expect it :stuck_out_tongue:

it must be booked well in advance due to availability, but the price at least does not change depending on how early you book



This offer coast almost a half of salary here :scream: (R$1.320,00)!!!

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