What's the consensus of using hero tokens on the Season of Love portal?

Hero tokens aren’t plentiful, so I like using them at the best time. I like these Cupid Family heroes but how do you all think they compare to the others? I have no need to pull at Springvale or the Sand heroes which are coming up.

What are the rest of you planning to do for the portal?


As f2p and having used up my hoarded EHT at Xmas, I will be passing on this one. I’ll probably save mine all year for next Xmas so I can get more Busters.


Same here about Christmas, I ate my buster not knowing how good he was :sob:


Only used mine because of hotm and summoned until i got him. 10x. Otherwise I’d suggest saving for xmas too.


Well, I still have three – started maxing one. I am sorely lacking in red projects and I need the roster space from the other two.


I tend to base my strategy on the 3* and 4* heroes in a portal: the 5* odds are universally crummy, but the lower-tiered heroes aren’t an unreasonable shot.

In this portal, the 4* hero looks pretty crummy. A fast green cone sniper isn’t bad as the 3*, though. Overall, I think this event is a Pass.


I’m using some EHT now because I like the HOTM for Feb, Viselius.

Will likely skip summoning in Springvale as I have all the current 3* and 4* (that said, I may just have jinxed myself, would not put it past SG/Zynga to create more)

I think overall Kalevala has a better (and larger) crop of heroes though, so I will want to stock up on EHT for Kalevala (will not summon in March as I don’t like the HOTM…)

and of course as others have said, Christmas has a good bunch!


I’ll use what I have and not try too hard. They are good heroes, but the artwork has put me off and none of them are particularly drool worthy. I’m sure we’ll get great ones for the next portals. Springvale will need an overhaul though. New heroes won’t be enough to tempt me with the possibility of the old ones and s1s. Kalevala is probably the next great thing imo.


In general, I tried to aim to get the 4☆ event heroes. But that was before my summon attempt at the Springvale portal last year, where over - I believe it was 30 - Hero Tokens resulted in zero event heroes at all. :pleading_face: Now I only spend them, if I am very hooked on the HoTM, because the chance to get anything other than S1 is so small. :broken_heart:


I used coins because I had some saved from offers in the past, even though I did not really like the art.

Cupid is an OP hero and also a candidate for future nerfs. Without nerf, he is for sure worth puling in terms of how strong his special skill is.

The other two are quite decent. On the other hand I think Springvale will feature new heroes as well, so will see.


I used the few I had. I think Cupido and Himeros would be fun additions. Suddenly that little heal from Milena and Kiril is more helpful. I’m sure Springvale will drop new stuff, and Kalevala/Halloween/Christmas are all stacked (even with m&m nerf, and as always roster dependent). I’d say look at what the heroes do and think about your roster needs- do the heroes offered currently change what you can do? Would they replace a hero on your Titan or war teams? Or alternatively, do you think that new mindless healing would make the game more fun for you? That should be the first thing, honestly.

Artwork doesn’t factor in to my decisions at this point (I’d rock a Teletubby looking character if it brought me more wins. :man_shrugging:t2:).

Good luck whatever you decide and game well!

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It won’t, because Friar Tuck is execrable.


Used 2 EHT’s and got Cupido. I already have the HotM so I think I’m good to save for Kalevala. Might do one or 2 more but not highly likely

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Ouch, I maxed one ASAP cause I could tell it was a mini Franz, then maxed a 2nd later

Side note for this portal, I’ll summon with eht I get… The inmate resistance to effects for mana is a big deal, especially in rush. And Cupido is very solid being an average speed mindless to 3.


Daaaaamn. Luck of the Irish my friend.


Hey…you got Buster…I didnt! :rofl:


Me.? … I’m a cut the baby in half & will do some now and save some for springvale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Whatever you decide,
May the portals show you kindness!!

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To me, it’s pull if you haven’t gotten the HotM yet, and stop when you do. The chance of getting some hero that you want is so small that it really doesn’t matter which portals you save for. It’s more about the added chance of getting a new 5 star via the 1.3% chance of HotM. There just aren’t enough tokens avalable for you to base use/not use on the rarities in the portal.

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The rate of 5* seasonal is significantly lower in this event (1.0%) than it was at Christmas (1.6%), so unless this is the new bad, I’ll hoard my EHT until I have a better chance of maybe getting one new 5*.

—In particular, in my case, it’s not like I have many 5* from existing seasons anyway: Springvale 0, Sand Empire 0, Kalevala 1 (and it’s Ilmarinen, who’s mostly a dud for me), Morlovia 1, Santa 1. So… “the odds are better but you might get a duplicate” isn’t much of an argument against pulling from existing seasons in my case.

For someone who has several existing heroes from a given season, including any heroes (and costumes, where they exist) really desired, it might make more sense to pull at lower-odds seasonal portal with only new heroes.

Also there’s only one new 4* and one new 3* in this portal, so if you really like them then yay, but if not…. welcome to Just More Food and pity counter ticks.


To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up changing Seasonal Portals to 1% odds. I say this because that is what they are in PC. I definitely notice a difference. While I still consider myself lucky with my seasonal summons overall there, it is noticeably lower then here (I’ve pulled fewer seasonal 5* heroes there compared to E&P in relation to total pulls done). It is frustrating, and I really hope they don’t go this route, but when they released the prior portal at such low odds compared to prior Seasonal Portals I had a sinking feeling they were trying to start the process of decreasing Seasonal Portals 5* Event pull rate. To add, they also decreased the HotM rate in PC awhile back as well - that is 1% also. That was a really frustrating move as well. I know this is not what anyone wants to hear, but I figured I’d at least privide the comparison.

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