What's the best way to farm dragon bones(1% from 8-7 costs 3 energyx2 or 2% from S2province9 costs 6 energyx1)?

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I farm 13-6 often, usually to fill my chest. When I’m not filling a chest I’ll farm season 2.

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Thanks for your info sir, i sure will try 13-6, it’s helpful

Loot rolls appear to be doubled in certain provinces.

But if dragon bones only has a 1 in 1000 drop rate, a 1 in 500 drop rate is still gonna suck.

Since I don’t craft, and use extra low cost training, lets look at some of my loot:

216 dragon bones
197 meteor fragments
205 Orichalcum nuggets

s-1-8-7 items with double drop rate ( where I fill my Wanted monster mission chest )
1103 Wooden shields
5789 Common Herbs

s1-7-7 items with double drop rate ( fastest stage for auto play when recruit farming )
2917 Rugged clothes
781 String ( I did use a lot of arrows before getting Wu Kong to 4* 4.70 )

1 dragon bone will usually net me 4 String ?, 5 shields, 15 clothes, 30 common herbs

i think the nugget drops a little more often from where i used to farm, 8-7, haven’t try province 7 and 5 a lot but it does drop occasionally, but for the past 2 weeks or so i just didn’t see any, maybe it’s just too low of a rate hope it’s not a nerf. now it’s a math thing which i’m not very good at, say S2p9 has the double rate for bones, it costs 6 energy, and 8-7 with nornal rate costs 3 energy, if it’s 1% for 8-7 then it’s 2% for S2p9, so if you have 6 energy, you can take 1% chance twice or 2% chance once, which one is better after math? lol i’m guessing S2 maybe better chance but not sure tbh.

I’d recommend clarifying the title of the post if you want more specific answers.

‘What are the best map stages for farming nuggets and dragon bones?’ comes to mind.

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yea seems a good idea

I go for more chances. In everything in this game, more chances has worked in my favor over increased chances but that’s just me. Kind of like deciding to buy 100 $1 scratchoffs or 10 $10 scratchoffs, I’ll take the 100 every time

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there must be a way to find out which one has higher chance. well if it’s 1% x 2 that’s 2% they will be the same lol idk

First off, I don’t farm for crafting items, I farm for recruits and for TC items…but I have looked at some aggregate data on item drops from all the S2 levels and favorite S1 farming levels, and I’ve got a theory on how it works; follow along, it has a few parts…

  1. Some levels drop more total items than others, just as some levels drop more recruits than others. (on average, there is some randomness in these numbers too)
  2. Across the map, of the items dropped, It appears to be ~60% crafting, ~40% ascension, but if you get more total items, you will get more crafting long term.
  3. 1* / 2* / 3* / 4* crafting item drops appear to have a mostly consistent distribution…but there appear to be some differences within that:
    1* in S1 starts at ~70%, generally decreasing as levels get higher to ~35%, ~55% in S2/Normal and ~45% S2/Hard
    2* crafting appears to pick up the balance, 20~55% in S1, ~33% in S2/Norm and ~44% in S2/Hard.
    3* and 4* crafting items don’t vary much, with ~9% 3* and ~2.5% 4* almost across the board … but the drop rates are so low that I don’t really trust the data to show real patterns over the randomness without way more samples than I’ve got to look at, especially with 4* items!
  4. Special cases in some provinces:
    a. Extra dragon bones in S2/9 (and S2/20 and 24 when opened) I’d expect them to be 2x as likely farmed at normal levels and 3x as likely at hard levels
    b. Extra Nuggets in S2/14, 16, 18 when opened.
    c. Nuggets only in S1/P5, so since all 4* crafting mats will be nuggets there, consider farming 5-8.
    d. Nuggets and bones only in S1/P6, so you should get more of both at the expense of NO meteor fragments in 6-8

Levels with best total crafting items (per WE flag) are 8-7 (1.71) and 7-7 (1.69), 5-8 and 6-8 are close (1.65) and S2 levels on hard, with P5 and P6 at ~1.60 looking a bit better than P1-4. I haven’t looked at data for P7-9 yet, but I’m going to guess it generally improves or matches.

There probably are specific standout levels in S2, but so far I’ve not seen a large enough sample set to really speak strongly to them.


I can try 5-8 i think, so i just heard something from you that i didn’t know here, in S2 province 9, there is 10 stages,in different stage the chance you get dragon bones are not the same, am i right? Also there is more chance to get it from S2 hard like 3x rate, this is confirmed? Couldn’t find this info myself but it would be nice it it’s real.

I’ll confirm that I’m part of a data collection project (which doesn’t want to release preliminary data to the general public before it is ready, and I’m honoring that request).

I’ll also confirm that my analysis of the collected data is among the 1* ascension items (backpacks, swords, clothes, training manuals), and what I see in the data is:

  • S1 - Preferred item ~2x as likely as non-preferred items
  • S2/Normal - Preferred item ~2x as likely as non-preferred items
  • S2/Hard - Preferred item ~3x as likely as non-preferred items

I’ve never seen SG say anything more specific than “more common in province x” as the game states it; that the likelyhood is double seems to be generally believed, and I was excited to see that the hard levels appear to be tripled.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: I’m extrapolating/guessing when I say that dragon bones behave the same way as backpacks. I haven’t looked at ANY data on S2/Province 9, and I’m going to be skeptical of the sample size even when I start to see data.

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Very useful info there thank you sir~~

Great info! If people have more on the drop rates of items, I am open to reading about it!