Whats the best thing SG introduced into the game?

There have been a lot of changes since the game started, which change was your favourite? For me it was the war opt out option. Such a simple thing, but a huge improvement that helps in many ways.

Someone made a post asking where all of the positivity has gone but no one has responded to your positive post! That is ironic.

Anywho. Wars in general are my favorite addition.


I have only been playing for 9 months, so not much has been added since I started. I really like the classes. It has added a nice feature that is keeping the game fresh for me.

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Yeah, I was sceptical when I heard they were on the way, but I’m enjoying them a lot :slight_smile:

Wars for me, definitely. They really bonded our alliance through fun battles, close victories, and lots of chatter.

Before the wars (me in my rocking chair again), there wasn’t as much need to communicate.

The best part of the game are your fellow players so anything that adds more dimension to that aspect is great, in my opinion.


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