Whats the best non-HOTM/ Event 5* team?

Whats the best 5’* team in people’s opinion that you can get from just training T20? So exclude Heroes of the Months and Events? Basically whats the best free 5* line up?

I would think that Marjana, Magni, Kadilen, Sartana, Vivica

I think Marjana, Magni, Lianna, Sartana and Joon are the best, maybe Vivica instead of Joon would be better since she’s the only 5* healer (excluding Hotm/event heroes).

For defense I’d swap Marjana for Azlar

Azlar does look interesting. Just that it takes a hell of alot of time to gather 4* materials to level them up. So Id probs prefer an offensive hero for quests/titans/raids

Best team for what? I’d use different teams for

  • raid defense
  • raid offense
  • war offense
  • event offense (which event? Which level?)
  • titans offense (color specific)
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Lets say an offensive Rainbow Raid team

You’d probably find it strange that my optimal TC20 raid offense team wouldn’t be all 5*, but to stick to the guidelines—

Sartana, Vivica, Marjana, Magni, Lianna

Defense wouldn’t be much different but putting Azlar tank.

Green - Lianna
Yellow - Joon
Purple - Sartana
Blue - Magni first or Isarnia (excelent defence debuff)
Red - Marjana or Azlar (i put them on the same rank)

Cheers guys. Definitely some consistent picks. Joon is certainly tempting but that heal is kinda needed. :+1:

Joon is great, but Vivica is the only standard 5* healer. Don’t leave home without one.