What's the best mono attack team you can make? Any color. Any heroes

Just curious what combos people have found for different colors that they swear by.

In red I’m using -
Boldtusk - Wilbur - Falcon - Khagan - Elena
(That’s firing order not lineup)

12 red tiles and the other team dies. No matter what.

Show me what you got!!

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I’m still working on my purple team, but I think it has the most potential. Tiburtus + Panther + Hel. I’m missing a good 5* purple sniper. Seshat will be leveled someday.


I don’t mono but on recent challenge went
Kunchen Panther Hel Kage Victor and finished ranked 1200 using minimal mats and a couple of flasks.
If I could add Khiona, Ursena or Seshat for Victor, would be even better.


Kage +4, Kunchin 3/70, Sartana +6, Victor 3/70 and Seshat 3/70 in that order. If all up same time then I fire Kunchin 1st

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My best MONO 4EVA teams.


Very Nice KLin…

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I appreciate your team names


My best is probably my green team. Mom, Tarlak, Evie, Greg, Lianna

I don’t normally mono but my best current would be blue…
Athena 4.80 +1, Frida 3.70, kiril 4.70 +1 (I use these 3 on red Titans and do very well), Triton 4.70 +1, and Grimm 4.70 +1

Order would probably be Kiril, Grimm, Frida, Athena, Triton.

Eventually I’ll be able to replace Grimm with Miki… And triton with Isarina if I get to training her too.

Bonus team: again not mono but in war my Wilbur and Colen combo (sometimes with an added 3rd red) destroy.


@bub102x I used to use same three for titans and fired grimm before Frida but you’ll do more damage firing
Kiril Frida Grimm

Give it a try.

@l2ider I use Athena not Grimm for the Titan and do fire Frida first… I was just trying to say if I used Grimm AND Athena I would fire him before Athena since his special is not as good and want his overwritten… But yeah Frida before both would probably work best.

I don’t go full mono often. I usually go 3 - 2 or 4 -1 cuz I’m still lacking some good 4* and 5* heroes.

They’re not the best but these are my mono teams:

Blue: Kiril, Frida, Grimm, Boril, Sonya. I agree with what was written in other comments. Firing Frida first then Grimm does more damage.

Green: Jack O’Hare +11, Jack, Caedmon, Gadeirus, Skittleskull. Pretty succesful team at monthly events. I will swap slow 4* for fast ones someday to be in top 10.

Red: BT, Anzogh, Colen, Scarlett, Kelile. Not so good at raids with bad boards.

Purple: Kunchen, Rigard, Tibs, Proteus, Balthazar+20. A 3* in my purple mono… I need to max Sabina but, too many healers in my team already.

Yellow. Chao, Hu Tao 3/70, Wu Kong, Bane+11 and Danzaburo 4/10. Another 3*. Yellow is my worst team.

I stopped doing mono some month ago, it’s too unpredictable for my taste but for the sake of this OP I would go:

  • Dark: proteus, khiona, aeron, domitia, merlin (working on seshat)
  • Holy: g. jackal, onatel, drake, joon, ranvir
  • Fire: wilbur, zim, GM, azlar, g. falcon
  • Ice: frida, triton, frida, magni, isarnia
  • Nature: lady locke, evelyn, mad hatter, buddy, lianna

These heroes are the best my actual roster con offer

My red average mana team, will work on a 2nd falcon to replace boldtusk - anzogh actually hits and heals quite well after wilbur, falcon flank 1, Lancelot (+att), falcon flank 2 then give them the flaming nipple ring (or the nipple ring of fire if you like Johnny cash).

Great thing about this team in wars is it only uses 1 5* and can take a 4k+ team out with a below average board if played well.

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Some OT here.

Congratz for rank 33
on legendary Teltoc :sunglasses:

Back 2 topic


Possibly would also work on def due to Mitsys reflection.

I use Wilbur to recharge the team.


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