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Hi, I already got some great advice from this forum so thanks in advance😀 this is what I’m working with at the moment. I’m planning on starting with Dawa as she got a decent costume after that would You start with Melendor and Sonya or continue with other 3*?

I started playing three years ago… trust me, this game will leave you with a bitter taste, no mater what you do, but that’s beside the point.

I see you already have two yellow 3* maxed. That kind of rules Dava out as your next focus. Also, two maxed purples. That leaves you space for green, blue and red to focus on. There’s also the color feed option, takes longer to see the results but it’s more resource efficient. When you have at least 2x3* in each color (in order to be able to start stacking colors) move on to Melendor and Sonya if you have the mats to ascend them. If not, keep strengthening your three star base until you get the mats. You invested a lot in Skittleskull, that’s unfortunate. You need to leave the witch as it is and prioritize Melendor for green 4*.

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Yes C Melendor is a great 4*, worth to max him and fully emblemed.

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Unfortunately two 3* in each color are not enough to stack that color. What you need from my experience are 3 or more in each color. The bare minimum for colorstacking, be it raids, titans or quest maps IMO is three 3* or higher.

In that sense, cDawa is a good choice for yellow feeders. Actually with the costume she will get there faster than any other yellow, if the costume trick level up is used. On alt accounts I got mine cDawas up and running very fast. She has a great attack value, even better with costume, which will help immensely with tile damage.

It’s also good to ascend cMelendor to 3/60 costumed form fast with the same trick, as I doubt that @Gocalek has the mats to ascend him and the costume yet. Get original Melendor to ascension 3/ level 1, then start leveling and ascending his costume to 3/60, and start using him everywhere. With that completed, the green colorstacking will also be completed since you have Skittleskull and Berden already pretty-highly leveled.

Your purples are ok with Tyrum added, now it’s the time to start on Renfeld.

Looking at your blues, I see Valen. I’d prioritize him ASAP, he’s poor man’s MVP against titans and tough quest/map bosses. OK in raids as well since he’s a fast sniper and debuffs defense.

So, what do you call 2-2-1? That’s stacking all day long. Stacking starts at 2-1-1-1 and ends with mono. You don’t need 3 x color to stack. 3-2 might work better in some situations than 2-2-1, but that’s not a general rule.

Probably. That’s why I said “In My Opinion”. Still from my experiences, two 3* of a color are never enough to punch through the harder stages of a rare quest or versus a tough tank of the opposing color. Three are already good enough.

Ballance needs to be kept. Three yellows won’t help you much in S1 12-9 or Shiloh, won’t them? You’d be far better off with two purples there… Anyway, in time, stacking will come naturally, no need to force it on a biginner.

As for Dava and Renfeld, if costumes are not available, they’re perhaps the worst S1 3* available. Costumes change that, but, are they available? There used to be jokes about Dava and Renfeld a couple of years ago…

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Yeah, no problem, @Ian487 , you have your opinion on cDawa, I gave mine as well, let @Gocalek decide which he likes better. Naturally if the yellow feeders go to non-yellow hero, 20% of the xp will be lost, that should also be mentioned before making a decision.

At least we concur that cMelendor should be ascended ASAP to wherever possible.

However I didn’t hear your arguments for blue, @Ian487 . Sonya or Valen? I think it should be Valen first. Care to join in here?

All I can suggest is for OP to level 5 differently-colored heroes at the same time using on-colored feeding. It may take time but that way, it is food efficient and that you are building roster depth. You just need to select which of the heroes per element need to be prioritized leveling. Once it is maxed fully or in a certain tier limited only by the ascension materials, you can focus on another hero of that same element.

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I maxed Valen x 2 long before Sonya… of course, I did not have Sonya back then. Today, after almost 3 years, I still use Sonya almost every day… Amazing hero, fast dispell, fast cleanse. I never use Valen… Hard call if I was to start over again. I guess I’d do Valen if mats for Sonya were not available. You must consider the fact that these problems are difficult for a bigginer. For me, it would take less than one hour to max either Valen or Sonya… I might not be the best judge for this.

I’m only missing 2 warm capes and 2 sturdy shields to get Melendor and Sonya fully ascended. I’m leaning to maxing Valen first and then I’ll start on the 4*. Skittleskul was my first 4* that’s why she’s at the level she is, wouldn’t do that again… any advice on Graymaine? Since he’s I got a costume for him I think I’ll keep one but the other? Even with the costume he’s not very good. Think he will end up as a snack for sombody more useful. One last thing, what’s the costume trick level?

Yep, that was my thought as well when I suggested cDawa. Only thing I will add to that is to use the costume trick level up a lot! It speeds up a lot the process of adding roster depth with quality heroes.

That is not “only”. That is actually a lot. I for example currently have “only” 3 Warm Capes and I know that probably will need another month or so to get the fourth to ascend another blue 4* hero.

Skittleskull actually needs more credit that I originally gave her…because she has high attack value. That means good tile damage versus titans and probably on quest maps when you need to stack greens. Not good for raids though, unless it’s a rush attack tournament (very fast mana for all heroes). Also Skittleskull needs some babysitting since she doesn’t have that good defense or HP. Graymane is crap, I only leveled mine because I had no other blues at the time. You can use the costume trick to level him fast to add another blue to your roster ASAP but I wouldn’t do it. You have two Sonyas, best focus on either after you’re done with Valen. Sonya is great, even at 3/60. Multiple Sonyas are also great…well, at least 2 of.

Costume trick level up is that you can ascend your hero to the last tier you currently can (for example, you can ascend Melendor to the third ascension- third tick), then leave the hero there at level 1. Then put on the costume, and start leveling and ascending that. Costume level up is much faster than the hero, and in the end you will have a 3/1 Melendor (3 ascended, level 1) with a 3/60 costume on (3 ascended, level 60 costume), and as long the costume is on, Melendor will function as a 3/60 hero despite the base form is 3/1.

Check that up with Dawa, it will save you a lot of time, moreover she is useless in her original form and you should only use her in costume form.

Edit: Remember, for that to work, the original hero must be ascended to the last level you currently can. For Dawa, that would mean max ascension. Just when you ascend her to the last tick, don’t level her to 50, leave her at 1.

Edit: since most people still get confused, here is a picture:

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