What's next? Just another "look for help" thread :-)

Hi all. Forum newbie here.
I need a little help with my roster. As for the start, my current hero list:

5* maxed:
Red: Azlar and Marjana.
Green: Lianna.
Blue: Alasie and Magni.
Dark: Domitia and Kunchen.
Holy: Guinevere.

5* at 3/70:
Red: Khagan.
Green: Horghall x2.
Blue: Isarnia.

4* maxed:
Red: Boldtusk, Scarlett, Wilbur.
Green: Kashreek.
Blue: Kiril and Sonya.
Dark: Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus.
Holy: Li Xiu and Wu Kong x2.

Rest are completely unleveled: Agwe, Buddy, Danzaburo, Gaiderus, Gobbler, Magni and Triton. I have also some vanilla 4* at 1/1, but i am not using them almost at all.

Now some questions:
1.What is the best defense i can set up with current roster?
2. Is there any reason i should try to use my EHT during Sand Empire event?
3. I have enough materials to max my 3/70 heroes - should i ascend any of them?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Best Defense Probably- Lianna-Marjana-Guinevere-Domitia-Alasie
You have some flexibility swapping Magni in to use Fighter emblems and putting him on the flank.
2. Using EHTs for Seshat only is probably worth it in and of itself. Summer event is bonus
3. I would not max any of your 5* at 70

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Using EHT to get Yunan or Rana for tank doesn’t make sense since i have Kunchen and Guinevere, right? I am F2P and i am focused on 5*, so the best way is to wait for another vanilla sniper like Joon or Sartana from TC20?

Well, that view seems rather focused on defense. I find offense to be more useful and valuable, so I would still value Rana. Plus, if you use your EHT now you can get Seshat.

Alasie Kunch Guin Isa Marja

Maybe this feels like quibbling, but some formatting would really help this post (even just some hard returns). I read it and am not at all sure I didn’t miss something. But here’s my best show:

Blue: I’d max Isarnia and think Triton should also be leveled - he hits hard and is fast mana

Green: Buddy is great - level him. Gadeirus should also be considered as the rare green buffer (helps on titans).

Yellow: I like Danzaburo and have no trouble (emotionally) dealing with his freezes. I’d level him, but know that not everyone feels that way.

@Merging I do like Seshat and i will try to get her, but not now, i want to do it during Atlantis this month.
Olmor, so the best defense needs to ascend Isarnia? Kunchen also have defense down and i think having two heroes with same special is not effective.
Ivy, thanks for the Input. Will the 4* you have mentioned give me any goods in attack team? I am not focused on being top during seasonal events, i just want to complete it, that is all, and current roster is enough for it.

There isn’t any best defense at all. Take your strongest rainbow and see how many cups they can hold. Then replace slower heroes with faster ones.

Yeah, i know that. I have tried rainbow with Alasie Azlar Guinevere Kunchen Lianna and now i have max Marjana, so the question appear. I am holding my cups over 2500 for most of the time and i will try to go with Guinevere surrounded by four snipers.
Another question: shall i level up 2nd Magni?

Not if you’ve got other options.

Variety first.
Make your roster great again.


Thank you. I will wait a few days for my TC20 results and i will post here what have happened. Stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

Another short question before my TC20 results. How about my defense for alliance wars? My team runs blue tank, so i have a little problem: go with Alasie or Magni? Whoever i choose, i shall no use the other? What about my rainbow for that case? Put Guin somewhere else than tank is bad. Or maybe should i go with something like Kunchen Marjana Magni Azlar Lianna?

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