What's my next step?

I have enough ascension items to get Cademon and Sonya maxed. I was wondering if I should ascend Sonya or if I should try to summon some better heros the next time blue comes around. I have enough gems for a 10x summon(I have 4,200). So my questions:

  1. Should I ascend Sonya or save to try to get a better blue?

  2. If I go for a better blue, do I do a 10x or try single summons?

  3. Should I prioritize blue or go for a different color? I know my 4* red is a bit weak, I don’t have an offensive purple and I don’t have a backup healer.

  4. Do I stand pat, max the ones I have and save for next event?

These cards have exactly the same special, though Sonya is better for DEF.

I would only level one of them (prolly Caedmon)…(I use Grimm (blue) constantly, and have got a few other good blues. But it could go either way, honestly.)


My thoughts, from a semi-casual player.

  1. Level Caedmon, hold off on Sonya, and wait for a better option in blue. There’s nothing wrong with Sonya, but hey have the same special, but while there’s a blue reflect event, there isn’t a green reflect yet. A different special blue would give you more options. Once you have other ascended blues, then you can revisit the question of ascending her. She’s not a poor choice to level in herself, but there are more useful blue 4* heroes given what else you have to work with.
  2. Go for the 10x if you are trying an elemental summon. More cost efficient, and you will at least get more useful fodder for levelling.
  3. Honestly, you could do with more depth in all colors. That said, picking one to concentrate on via elemental summons is more likely to get you results than trying the epic draws which pick from all colors. I’d personally go blue, red, then purple in your place if picking elemental summons.
  4. If you want a grab bag choice of random colors via summon, I’d hold off until the next event, Guardians of Teltoc. The event heroes there are mostly good choices to add to your team.

I would level both and wait for the guardian event (unless you are planning on buying more gems?). I know they have the same special, but it is a very useful special, and brings you only good. I used to have both Melendor and Sabina and also Kiril on my team (when those were the only heroes I had of those colours), a bit of a healer overkill, but I still use all of them (not on the same team anymore, but still).
I would say wait for Grimm, but you could be like me: I am still missing him and have 11 warm capes, so it doesn’t really matter that I ascended Kiril, Sonya, Boril and Perseus. Those 3* ascension materials will come (except maybe shields, they are a bit more difficult to come by) and a team of maxed 4*s is a lot better than a few sitting at 3/60 waiting for better ones that may not come.
But, if you are planning to spending a lot more, you could wait for blue and roll until you get Grimm (and then please give him to me, I want him :wink: )


I wouldn’t say I’m planning on spending a LOT more, but I’m assuming there will be more gem specials before the next event that I’ll splurge on :grinning:

As well as considering buying gems for summons, you need to prioritise leveling your stronghold and training camps. I got a lot of 4* from TC13, and TC20 gives a chance at 5* as well, though so far my luck with those camps is poor. You don’t get event heroes or heroes of the month by that method though.


I have a level 15 stronghold and lvl 13 training camps. I’m getting my iron storage up now, then I need to get my mine to 15 and a forge to 15, then I’ll start the progression to 20. I figure I’ll level all iron storages (up to 18), 1 TC, 1 forge, 1 mine, 1 farm until I get to 20. Right now, all TCs are spitting out 1-2 * for feeders.

My personal experience is that with a forge at 16, I can make everything I need to beat any event so far. Mines don’t really need to be raised much except for the gem reward for making it to certain levels - you need a lot of iron but build times are long enough that it accumulates quickly while waiting. Don’t forget about increasing food storage, as you need to be able to have about a million food to pay for the research to use a TC20.
Higher farm levels are extremely desirable too, once you start training at high levels, but that can come later as long as you can manage the initial food outlays for TC20 research and training. Better to start training fast, then scramble a little for food, than have a new TC20 you can’t use until you level something else.


Many players have posted their TC20 results here:

Personally, I’ve received five 4* to eight 3* (just started), and no 5* yet, but I’m hopeful! :wink:


Yeah I’ve been watching that thread. It keeps me motivated to keep leveling my buildings :grinning:

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I watch it for the same reason, it’s a great motivator while you’re staring at longer & longer build times.

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If you’re doing summons this month you might get Zeline, which is better.

Well, in that case, you might try a 10x roll and try for Grimm and/or Zeline and base your ascending priorities on that outcome :wink: . I still say that it is not a bad thing to have both Caedmon and Sonya on your team, besides dispelling they are snipers too, those are not bad to have multiples on you team.

Btw, I trained a rainbow team in tc 20, haven’t trained a 5* since, but only summoned one so far (Perseus). Not a big spender myself, just a few euro’s a couple of times (25 euro total), can’t really justify spending 100s on just one game to myself, but that might be because I am from the ancient pre-internet generation, lol.


I just did a 10x summon for ice. I got Kiril, Grimm, a dup of Sonya and 7 3 stars. Which one do I level… Grimm or Kiril?

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Oooo! I’d go Grimm because of the BT + Grimm + Wu trifecta, but Kiril is also a good choice for Raid Defense.

(I’m unfairly biased toward Grimm.) :grin:


That’s a pretty good rolls for blue! Not sure where you stand on warm capes but if you only have enough to level one, go for Grimm. His defense dropper special is awesome.

Kiril is also nice to have since he will heal and increase both attack and defense of the whole team.

Grimm + Kiril can be a terror for red Titans!


That draw was pretty much what I would dream of, realistically speaking given 5* drop rates. Like the others chipping in advice, I’d go for Grimm first, then Kiril. They make a mean combo against red opponents if you can get them both leveled.


I have enough capes for 1 so Grimm it is. I’ve got a decent # of dup 3 stars to start feeding him with. Do I hang on to the dup Sonya?

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I have Grimm, Kiril, and Gormek. They are good. Waiting for Boldtusk for extra kick. I already maxed Grimm and will ascend Kiril next when I have enough capes. Gormek will be ascend asap, have blades for him although I will level him slowly. I rushed leveling this three guy to beat advance in recent event. I prolly will ascend only Caedmon between Caed/Son though but I dont have him yet.


It’s worth hanging on to duplicates of most 4* if you get them. It doesn’t cost anything to hang onto them, and they may be handy for alliance wars even if you’re not planning on leveling them immediately.


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