What's my best war team

Our Alliance is currently setting up an all Green tank strategy with blues either side. As you can see, Kashrek is not fully levelled, but will be by the time the next war comes round, with some added talent emblems too. Is the setup below my best, or can I ascend someone to better it? Maybe Boldtusk on the right is a bad idea as 3 healers and one counter attacker might just be too much. I could put Tiburtus in his place, or swap out Ariel for Sonya and level her? Wanted to put Proteus in, but with Onatel being my strongest hero, their specials clash too much to use together.

Edit to add : Waiting on 2 shields so I can ascend Ariel.

I would but Scarlett on the wing instead of Boldtusk, for more attack power, I like the rest

BT boosts attack power, Scarlett lowers enemy attack.

The only potential problem I see with the current middle is that you have 2 healers and a riposte, no attack. I know it seems like a good strategy, and it will definitely ward off lower level attackers, but in my experience, higher level opponents love eating teams that don’t have damage dealers.


Yeah, my answer depended also on his available roster. He definitely lacks heroes that can pack a punch, that’s why I say Scarlett over Boldtusk, because at least she has high tile damage

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True. Team is already healer heavy with Kash and Ariel. I’m thinking maybe Sonya on flank might help with that? Once she’s maxed, that is.

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I would try the put Tiburtus and Sonya in. I generally color stack with 3200 teams and love attacking defenses in this power range set up like this. With a sabina or Melendor and a couple snipers I would take out Onatel first and be able to outlast the rest of your team without taking much damage.

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Agreed, Sonya would be a good substitute for Boril, once maxed.

Although, Boril’s reposte would work well with Scarlett, as she has low def. I would emblem her atk/life, also because she’s a rogue and she would get the chance to avoid enemy’s specials.

I thought about Scarlett, but figured she was a bit too squishy for my war defense.

I would see what you can do to level Sonya to max and replace Ariel with Sonya. As others have mentioned there is no bite in your team. The only attack you have is Onatel, and she is not that scary on the wing as the only attacker. I would bring in Buddy, Caedmon and probably a not fully leveled Gad or other 3-60 4* green and then two purples and blow a hole right through the center. Kashrek does not really scare me in that lineup and I would not bring in reds to bring him down. At least with Sonya on a flank you have to worry about her special going off once or twice and with BT and his attack boost, it could be problematic.

You should talk with your teammates. Green color is the worst for tanks. Yes, Kasshrek is good for now, but a single green hero is made to be tank in this game; Yunan. Besides, most players have a nice red rooster. “Bad business for you” (quoting Mei from “Safe”).

Gonna have to agree with this. The red is strong on my team, will burn greens to ashes. Blue or purple tanks will likely hold up better.

I was thinking the same thing about the Green tanks, but didnt want to question his teams plan.

My alliance actually rotates tanks every other war. That way we are able to get all of our members to have their best lineup option at least 1 out of every 5 rotations.

The other think I was thinking is that with Green-Blue combos, I wouldnt even take red against that green tank on the first 1-2 attacks. A green 3-2 combo is going to be quite effective.

Besides, Kassh can be easily defeated with rainbow team; actually is better than bringing reds due to his ability. For me, a healer who doesn’t do anything else in the battle, is worst tank ever. Just making combinations on the center you can easily fill up mana to all heroes. Just let Kassh activates few times in a row, LOL. And then unleash the specials.

The green tank / blue flank option actually works against Kash. Convention might dictate that the best way to bust a Kash tank is with a mono red team, but I’ve learned that’s a risky proposition; if he fires his special off, your reds are useless. This might sound crazy, but my new method for taking out a Kash tank team is going mono green. Which would also be doubly devastating to any team that decided to use blue flanks.


For what it’s worth, Green tank was not my best option. I was happier with Blue flanked with red. I’m going to have a word with my alliance at some point, but will see how it pans out for a couple of wars. We’ve only implemented it once so far, and we won by about 400 points.

I will work on Sonya once I have Kashrek fully levelled so I can keep Boldtusk in my team.

Understood, alliance rules. And yes it could work out in your favor if your opponents don’t have a good strategy to combat it.

I’d love to use a mono tank strategy in my own alliance, but most of them are lower level F2P and lacking enough good heroes of every color to pull it off :confused:

The challenge I have proposed to all of them is to get up to TC20 ASAP and start pumping out more 4 and 5* for team depth. But, you know, E&P… “7 days building”… “5 days training”… “2 bazillion iron needed”… need to upgrade iron storage to hold enough iron to upgrade building, then you have to wait for the mines to churn out the iron… then you need to upgrade your food storage to hold enough food to do the training, then wait for the farms… blah blah blah. Then you get to TC20 and have to wait 2 days for each hero, then you have to level up the hero… yeah it’s gonna be a couple months at least before we can get to where I ultimately want us to be.

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I am currently writing a guide for the smaller player in my alliance, I hope they will be patient and follow it.

Problem with this game is that you have to learn loads of things to be efficient, and if you don’t have anyone who explains them to you, some things are difficult to grasp by themselves.

I am very grateful to the people who helped me and I want to share what I learnt with others.

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