What's inside of v37.0.1/37.0.3?

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These smaller updates include under the hood fixed and improvements, no player-facing changes. The next major update will be Version 38. I hope this helps to clarify!


Number of minor update of v37 are a bit too much (more than v36), they are all released within a month and descriptions of 0.1 to 0.3 are same. May be devs has objective to launch update regularly ? Or for other porpose ? Or just debug ? :thinking:

I’m not sure that it does for me. Is a bug a major update? Yes, I’m sure that this particular one is as it is tied to so many heros, but I’m not positive.
Does it mean that as of version 38, Malosi will regain his counter vs “chain” heroes?
I assume v38 is not coming out before VF war cycles, can you confirm?

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So whats the plan for 38? Will this update be for the players benefit or for SGs benifit. Are there plans for QOLs, more well needed buff to many hero’s or is this going to be limit breaker update?

Gives us a idea on what to expect for the next big update plz.

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