What's inside of v37.0.1/37.0.3?

Dear SG,
@Petri , @KiraSG

Did you publish release notes for v37.1?
I can’t find it, kindly ask for your help.

There are several thing that community awaits:

  1. Rare titan loot cooldown timer.
  2. Malosi’s bug with Finley/Alfrike (it’s really important, since Fast mana wars are approaching).

UPD. Just tested Malosi/Alfkire on v37.1 - still buggy =(
It’s really sad if everyone will have to fight very fast Alfrike without Malosi…

@Guvnor , mate, maybe you know something about it? =)

Best regards.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: 20 characters of nope


I actually read that as 20charactersofhope :rofl:


A quote of the day if I ever saw one :joy::+1:t2:

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Maybe they could loan everyone with a maxed Malosi another effective counter for Alfrike until they fix him.
I know that people have ascended a second Malosi strictly for the purpose of VF war, and countering the cubes to the face.
As this is a bug that renders him(them) useless, rather than a deliberate nerf, maybe SG would like to try out a bit of fairness, and give players a temporary option.


I doubt very much there going to do that bud. They like to hav a laugh at players vents.

Yeah, I know. But malosi is a counter. That is it. His hit is not worth mentioning, even with an attack boost. Being a counter is his only purpose. So now he has very little. :slight_smile:

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He continues to counter all but 2 heroes. I’ve had him maxed for nearly a year, I don’t have Alfrike, but the world (and game) is not ending over this.

And he’s one of three maxed yellows I have, so trust me, I feel the pain.

Hopefully it will be fixed in v38. Which is still weeks out.

Thinking that they’re going to offer ANYTHING over this is laughable. Alfrike was broken for a year and know what they did? Nothing.

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SG don’t do anything there useless bud. I lost my faith in them long ago. There using Whales and addicted players to fill the bank up then most likely shut the game and move on at some point.

Good luck with that…took almost a year to fix Alfrike bug where she stopped firing cubes when she missed one…

With no temporary option…

Doesn’t answer your v37.1 question, but rare titan loot cooldown is planned for v38.


This is absurd… 12 days cooldown?

I guess they’re planning to shut down the game and don’t know how to get rid of the people spending in game…

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For our alliance:
Last 294 titans spawned 29 rares at an average of 9.82 titans apart.

Rare titan spawns never exceeded 12 days.

Basically, this completely nullifies mercing for rares.


This is ONLY when you are in a DIFFERENT alliance.

Same as the 20hr loot cooldown ONLY kicks if you leave/join an ally…


The fastest solution is to remove that Alfrike/Finley+Wu Kong fix and render back to original A/F with that bug. That removes Malosi’s inadvertent Nerf.

Giving them time to work on a better solution. Gives the greater player population ability to use Malosi 100%.

That fix was to fix WK inaccuracy. Why nerf a 5* HOTM (even inadvertently) for the sake of a beginner 4* hero that most would drop once they can?

Both heroes cost money to pull but I believe that Malosi enjoys greater usage.


Wow are you sure? In my last alliance we were getting rares roughly every 5th titan killed…9.82 titans apart seems long…we were more like 7

I didn’t know they were being backed by an entire country!


Because it has nothing to do with Wu?

It’s about the accuracy debuff. So it’s also any hero that can blind, as well as an entire group from s3 at low health. Oh, and Ranvir. All were over effective counters to Alfrike.

A mighty one at that


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