What's happening with ETTs and reset tokens?

I can’t remember the last time a saw epic troop token in find recruits II (one with the wings) or reset token in emblems trials. What’s going on? Aren’t there already hundreds of unsatisfied players?


Nothing. It’s just random.


It was random, doesn’t seem so anymore.

It is still random. This isn’t even vaguely close to the longest number of FR2s without a token. Nor is it even an unlikely run for a 50/50 chance.

As for reset tokens, they’ve been rare for quite awhile. We’ve had entire rotations without one. We’re only about half a rotation since the last one as I recall. (No, about 2/3 based on below)

Tracking threads for each:


The frequency was reduced and made available with raid chests in place of EHT

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There’s a reset today. Of course, I have 49 of them, so I’d be happy to share if I could.

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