Whats happening to the game

Hi everyone i am sorry i might not be able to play the game anymore it keeps saying my device which is a samsung galixcy is not compatable with the update so it will not let me in the game if i cannot get it fix then ill have to quit after playing over a year know and spending a lot of money i might have to ask the developer to reund me my money i spent on gems recently i will miss you all you all are a great group and i will miss the game to

This seems to get reported with every update (I don’t know the reason or fix for it), and it only ever seems to be with certain Galaxy models. It should be fixed very soon though. Stay positive my man.

Thank you and this lady is not going to quit just yet i will give it time to get fix


Awesome! I am sorry I called you a man!

Lol np many think that I am because of my game name lol

I have samsung also and I have to turn off my wifi for it to connect. Never had to do that until after the 2/14/18 update

I’m curious if you have the most up to date OS for your device? (I don’t, and I’m starting to have issues. Must update!)

Just curious. :slight_smile:

That’s a good point actually, I’m on a galaxy device and my Android system updated the day before Empires did…

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Did that and still did not allow me will at least i guess i cam get back into reading my books know and spending lest money lol i been reading the book year one

Also having the same problem; was working yesterday now it wont let me connect without the updates app which I cannot install due to compatibility issues;

Please Help; Love the game

For those who haven’t seen this:


Lol and how are you suppose ro get help if you can not get into the game

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By using the ‘Submit a Request’ link at the bottom of the page @Rook linked to.

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I have emailed them know i am waiting for a response they sent me a email and said they are looking into it and will get back to me that was 2 days ago

I am back into my games my hubby the tech fix it for me

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Us IT husband’s are good for this kinda stuff! :grin:


Try to install the game outside from Google Play, apk mirror or something like that. Make sure you check unknown sources on your device first.