What's happening SG?

Well done on providing a brilliant excellent game, but it becoming a hassle, you going down the same road as Mafia Wars!!! Becoming money hungry and charging ridiculous amount of money to gain something!!! Why offer free to play if you can’t progress like the " whales" The new mystic vision is an example, why have it now every 8 hours but the loot is also halved? YOU get paid per view!!! Thus you will be getting more views = more income!!! And viewers gets the same ridiculous loot? So the latest version Update fixed some bugs? AWESOME!! Because Proteus special skill had no effect on Onatel? I have and use Proteus , encountered Onatel alot and how was I screwed out of victories because of YOUR slip up? You expect World Class money ( up to the point of extortion) but you deliver a broken product. I just have to make peace that I was negatively affected by someone’s mess up!! In my work environment if a developer buggers up and it affect clients, someone gets a hiding… As a paying player I must just make peace that I am paying for a broken product. I run two accounts 1 is P2P and 1 F2P. I can see how the paid one is benefitted from spending money!!! What’s up with the new update, did some one mess up somewhere again. Raids has gone to crap!! Both my accounts are now suddenly having a loss raid of 82% BOTH!!! That’s based on the last 60 raids each!!! What’s up???


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