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SG how can you take money from my card if there are no money left for pack? On event i purchased 3rd pack for 29.99$ for mistake, i had like 80$ on my credit card. I don’t want to purchase over my card. So for 2 packs you took from card 59.98$ and i had still like 20 left. On next day or the day after i have to pay some bills and i put on card 100$ . The same day i was asked to write my Apple ID to update this game and after a few minutes i was notified that you took off from my card 29.99$. What’s going on? You had technical issues? Or Apple? How can you give me pack if i don’t have money on my card?

Sounds like you need to submit a support ticket in the game

This is generally something with your credit card operator. There are two possible errors here. Regular credit cards sometimes give you extra limit for operations in places you generally use. It can happen.

If the card is prepaid, the server can take a while to refresh. Mine, for example, is from Payoneer, and the server refreshes every two hours. It has already happened in the past that I did two purchases that, together, went over what I had, but the server didn’t notice, so it was debited from my following recharge.

In this case, I’d suggest calling your card operator to prevent this from happening again in the future.

@Rook you can close this topic. Solved the broblem. Mistake from Apple. Gave me money back.

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