What's going on with Titans?

So here’s the deal: My alliance has been rock steady with members for quite some time (at least several months). And of the members, all of us have been steadily climbing in team power.

We had gotten up to battling 6 and 7* Titans pretty regularly – and defeating them. Pretty consistently high damage from our most powerful members, decent damage from lower level members.

However, for the past month and a half to two months, we have been struggling to even defeat 5* Titans. We’ve dropped down to 4* occasionally because of Titans escaping.

Participation is the same. What has changed is the overall amount of damage our alliance as a whole has been able to inflict. Color stacking seems to make no difference (in many cases, actually seeming to hurt – and I mean against normal Titans, not ones with a color defense). Our average amount of damage per member seems to be down by thousands of points.

And this has been consistent enough across all members to defy RNG anomalies.

So what’s the deal? Has anyone else noticed severely compromised performance against Titans?

This is just feels like one more way the devs have tweaked the game into being a frustrating mess.


i am in alliance of 2 members and we manage to shoot down 4 star titan without items except for blue flasks. we inflict steadily dmg of 30k plus, 100k plus from time to time. it is just a way of play skill and team structure.

Do y’all keep data on your past titan kills? Easy to go back and compare hits and see if you notice anything in particular. We have data on average number of hits, average amount of damage per color, average kill time… etc.

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Haven’t seen any difference in titans always kill a 8 and sometimes a 9 if we got full flags!
Had a 10 the other day haha even with a turtle banner killed my jackal in one hit! As if you have a jackal his always the first to get hit! Fact! Haha :disappointed::wink:

My guess would be participation is down. People not using as many flags as they used to. Or they were using a lot of items before but are not using as many now resulting in hits not being as strong. Kinda hard to tell without seeing all the stats


I joined a new alliance a month ago and they were fighting 8*. Now we can easily get 10* titans down with 4-5 hours before escaping. Of course, we’re not yet ready to defeat 11* without some help (flasks / players leveling up) but 9* and 10* are easily defeated.

The difference is that we got rid of a few inactive players. And almost everytime 2-3 players fail to use their flags, the titan escapes. So I think it’s all about being an unite & active alliance.

We string 14s with no issue. Actually they’ve been goin down too quickly at times

No change on our end and no change on your end

Just kill the dam titans…


Assuming participation is the same like you said, then it is probably because of the new events. My guess is that your members are using more items to complete the events since the introduction of better rewards and harder levels.
Easy to verify, just ask your members if they are running out of items

Albeit to say the participation of your members have dropped, that is the only reason i see. When i joined my Alliance they were killing 8* titans, now we have moves on to 9 and 10 consistently and sometimes we kill a 11* but not perfect with that yet so when we get to 11* we just let it go.

It always happens some members dont remember to hit the titan making it more difficult to kill. So talk to your guys.

I agree with all the posters. I don’t see a game mechanic change that affected this. There is something in the game play or participation.

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Yes. We are struggling against titans as well, when we were pretty consistent with them. Average score for me has dropped 10-15k