What's going on with the chests small giant

Many have already posted that this is completely normal and I agree with that.

I’d advise you to NEVER accelerate monster chests. Certainly not for 20 gems (which is a full 12 hour skip for anyone who doesn’t know), but I’d say not for any number of gems. The rewards just don’t justify it.

On the other hand, I think accelerating Raid Chests (assuming you’re opening them in the Diamond Arena), can be a reasonable proposition, depending on the gem cost and how quickly you fill them / how many you can fill in a day. I don’t mean this disparagingly, but based on your level that is probably not a great use of resources.

I hope you can take this in the constructive way in which I intend it, listen, take it seriously, and find a way to implement it into your gameplay.


I always accelerate my monster chests, but it’s just one or two gems max so I can do two in a day to get to the elemental chests faster. On average I get more gems back than I spend that way too.


Yup this is the approach I sometimes do.

I have heard of whales accelerating as many chests as possible in general to get elemental chests to appear as fast as possible but that’s a different proposition altogether


Well, there’s no need to be rude. I simply gave you the facts that they tell us. This game doesn’t give handouts, it’s random. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll have more fun.


Pretty much about normal / average chest loot to me. Nothing wrong with the content it’s what you can usually expect to receive


Again thank you really not looking for your type of opinion have a great day sir happy hunting

Thanks for the advice I’m able to say now that maybe I’m overreacting because of all the other things going on but thank you all for showing love and commenting with advice


This definitely is a possible chest reward for completing monster chests (I think those are the only ones where this could happen). It’s… very… cursed. It’s a terrible reward that I do wish wasn’t a possibility. Even the first stage in Collect Gems I might give you crafting mats or ascension mats.

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Not an opinion, it’s facts. Not really sure what is hard to understand about RNG and the fact of randomness. Random is not my opinion.

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It surely sucks to get this kind of loot from your chest, but unfortunately it’s normal to get them. And I got them before , more often than I would’ve liked to. Nothing is guaranteed in this game . :grimacing:

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So Im beginning to wonder would this be considered harrassment at this point you are making me uncomfortable please stop have a great life #metoo

No it would not be, as I am simply defending an accusation of you stating that what I said was an opinion, when it was fact. As mentioned, randomness is not an opinion when it comes to this game, it is a fact that the game is built upon randomness. I apologize that you are unable to differentiate between someone sharing truth as a personal attack.

I would please then ask for proof that goes against there being any randomness in this game. If there is absolutely no randomness in the game, then you are more than welcome to say I am “harassing” you.

To quote you from earlier: "Thanks for the advice I’m able to say now that maybe I’m overreacting " , I do believe you are overreacting to me sharing what is true about this game.

Not trying to be mean, but you took it to that level after making a rude comment to which I simply defended.

Ok so moderators please help I am uncomfortable with thos user continuing to attack me verbally I have asked him to stop politely to leave me alone I also warned how uncomfortable I am becoming now @zephyr1 you asked to rely on you and other leaders to handle things like this please help thanks imho this thread can be closed I got all the answers I needed and I appropriately thanked the other users on this thread have a great day

No worries, I’ll close the thread.

If there are posts which are attacking you or other players, please flag them so the moderators can address them.

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