What's going on with the chests small giant

This is completely unacceptable for any chest this just happened to be a monster’s chest… after spending 20 gems this is all I got not cool thought please

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What do you mean “spending 20 gems”? Like to make the wait time less?

I could really use that food right about now… somehow I never have enough food when costumes are released lol

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Not the best chest, but certainly not abnormal to get that.


That’s a normal monster chest… No biggie

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Yes I used gems to get the chest faster

I have been a player for a little more then a yr and this is not normal I religiously use gems to restart my chest and have never seen anything quite this weak

Lucky you to have never seen a chest like that before! Welcome to being normal like us :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that there has been a change maybe a chest nerf idk but this jot normal to me or my wife it’s the new normal for us but this just started for me about a month ago

Looks normal to me. I have seen JUST 2 things just like those in it before


They have been nerfing everything almost.


Plenty of worse ones here from 2018:


Well, then that is your loss. That’s the RNG risk you take. I’ve had many like that, it’s better than nothing.

Também gastos gemas pra baús e vem uma negação…

And that’s your opinion which honestly I have no use for have a great day happy hunting

I’ve been regularly getting chests like that for two years – at least every other one. You have been extremely lucky if this is abnormally bad after a year.


Maybe your right… that seems to be the consensus

It certainly makes you really appreciate the good ones more. Last week I opened a hero chest and got a telescope. Still smiling about that one.


Yup concur with @nevarmaor and the others, this is so “normal” that it no longer becomes funny it is just sad sometimes :joy:

Normal being, say I get this 30%-40% of the time.


That’s why the chest is bad. The more time you skip, the worse the reward will be…not that it’s ever good regardless.

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