What's going on with the Alliance war?

Hello Small Giant, on our Alliance occours the same error. Suddenly alliance war interruption and lose fighr energy.

Please fix that problem. Thanks and greetings

Dentist 1000

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The Error occours on android and ios.

In the first case, the timer is not over, the player immediately throws out of the game completely, as soon as he defeated an opponent, he needs to re-enter the game

Good to know! Every war our team or our opponent gets what I call the “war bug” but this is sounding like it’s happening a lot more this war!

First attack. Best team. No connection or error issue. Just booted. No credit for my progress of defeating two enemies.

What’s worse is that it showed two 0’s on our scoreboard, even though I still had two War Flags.

Two wars in a row for me. Just no “War Error Message” this time.


See screenshot:


hi! there was a mistake in the war today! points do not count! the enemy has not died. power’s down! please help!

Some other people have had connection issues too:

@Kerridoc & @Rook I think this can be split

We have an offline player apparently attacking an opponent, which locks the target…

Edit: scored zero points for attack, will try contact player to see if booted from game as per above posts

Edit 2: contacted player, they viewed opponent but never hit and backed away. Seems we have a bug here

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Attcked twice and got 0 points for both and players took no damage!!! What the heck!!!

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Our alliance has had both of these issues. Attacking the opponent and then just getting booted out. Attacking the opponent and no damage to the opponent being recorded. We even experienced where an opponent showed sharing damage at the start of a war. All this to lose flags and receive no points. Smh.

Another bug: as I wrote earlier, one of our party freaked out and left the Alliance during the war, but then he came back, he has 3 more energy of the war, only he can not hit anyone, the game writes “observer Mode”. It turns a situation: the war his team announced that he left the Alliance, but his team remained on the battlefield, he came back, he can hit, and he never could! Why?
So either he can beat, if you come back, or as before if left the Alliance, and his team also removed from the battlefield

Same. Attacked another team and won. As soon as the victory popped up, I got kicked out. When I went back in, my heroes were spent and my flag was gone and I received zero points. Maddening!

Fix your internet connection!

@Linuxoid That’s not a bug. If you leave the alliance during the war, you are immediately placed in spectator mode. Your team stays on the battlefield during the war to prevent people from using their flags, then leaving before they can be attacked. It’s working as intended. I doubt your player will make that mistake a second time.

See my post during the first war issues:

It’s not a connection issue for me. Ran tests of my home Wi-Fi system anyway, even though it’s been working great and all updated with the last few months. If there is a connection issue, I’m confident it’s internal with SG and not on my end. Or their war system is too fragile. The constant use of “connection issues as an excuse for all tech problems is getting old.

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I never had this problem. So, from my pov is not from SG side.

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Yeah…sorry ones persons experience connecting to one server out of 100’s doesn’t mean much. And lets not even talk about the path getting to their data center and how many things can go wrong there.

I was beside my husband and we were both playing a war battle, i had no problem with the internet connection but his app suddenly closed.

If it was the wifi, we both would have had problems and that’s not what happened… And he checked the connection ( he’s an internet network analyst), there was no problem with it…

And it happens to a many people every war, just because it didn’t happen to everybody this time around, it doesn’t mean it’s not an SG problem, you know…

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maybe android/ios problem?
maybe phone problem - ram?
maybe heating problem?

sg cant take care of enduser situation?

if 95% dont have the problem… most likely aint sg specific issue

It seems to happen at least once during a war, to either side. I play my two tablets side by side and it can happen to one, and not the other.

I’ve never felt it was my Wi-Fi, I always assumed it was at the SG end.

We just accept it (grudgingly) that’s it’s a war bug and hope we don’t get it!

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