What's going on? Raided while online

When I am online, I am attack by another playera, but I can not attack another player which is online. Why? I tried attak player who was on top 100

I have seen this too… i always postulated that a player can only be attacked by others once at a time. So they stated that top 100 players can be attacked whenever, but to my knowledge never stated if multiple attacks can occur simultaneously.

If only one attack can occur at a time, then this could explain what you are seeing (if they are in the top 100).

As far as I know the fight against you started before you are online but is finished after you were back to the game. unfortunately I also had this several times and for me it is especially annoying that SEVERAL people can attack me at the same time. Hence I also got several messages while I am online that someone raided me. From my point of view there should be only ONE attack at the same time…what do you think?

I’ve been raided whilst online. And the old chat that it started while I was offline doesn’t wash, not when I was 3 raids into my 6 raids and suddenly found myself having been raided. I must have been active for about 10 or 15 minutes before i was raided so clearly couldn’t have started while I was ‘offline’

I was online several minutes but not more than 10. So better contact support if you are sure you got raided while online…

I know it’s hard to prove with the attached image, but I was on for about ten minutes, I started by levelling up a few heroes, training camps on for the night time etc hit up the map to get a few buckshee resources, came out of it to be greeted with the attached…

So better get in touch with the support team…