What's going on? Only 3* heros after actualization (Summons)

After actualization only 3* heros. It is not funny, it is… 3* you can …
How many diamonds and tokena I have to used to get f.e. one event’s hero?

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I Agree with you I spent so much saving gems and all a got was 3* , really frustrating and I have being playing for a year, supporting this game, and bringing friends and family.

It’s all about random odds. My cheap-to-play alt account did two event pulls and got Falcon. Last time around I did three and got Jackal. For Avalon I pulled out all the stop, did four pulls and got Morgan le Fay.

OTOH my main account has done way too many pulls trying for Panther. No Panther. :cold_sweat: yet.

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This reminds me I need to go do my pulls…


  • Gunnar
  • Kailani
  • Grimm :grin:
  • Balthazar

Technically, I already have all of these, but the Gunnar will go to my Gunnar Special project, Kailani #2 will be food, Grimm and Balthazar will be retained for wars. Bummed there was no event hero and no Gregorion, but I’ll live.

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