Whats going on here guys?

Ever since the new update it keeps lagging and booting me. I just did the find recruits and when I finished the second one while collecting the loot it through me off the game. When I logged back in it had both of them back as I didn’t beat them at all and took my flags. Will someone please fix this because it’s starting to get annoying!!!

Please contact Game Support:


It is no good Rook, all support says is that it is our internet connection fault. As if so many suddenly developed faulty internet after this update. Been booted so many times now I even gave up scoring better in events.


It lags, freezes, hangs A LOT. Wasted so many titan, raid, world flags already.


Many of my alliance friends have experienced the same thing since update. Clearly not our fault.

The troubleshooter in me wants to ask:

  1. Is this happening more with IOS or Android?

  2. Do you have the most updated, er, update for the game and your device’s OS?

  3. Have you tried the Suggestions given by Game Support to fix the issue(s)?

I don’t doubt you are having problems, but it’s not universal. I hope you get what you need from Game Support.

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I experienced this as well after the last update on one of my devices. A reboot of the device solved it for me. Have you tried that?

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