What's better 4* 70/4 or 5* 60/3

Just wondering is it more beneficial to lvl a 4* 70/4 over a 5* 60/3 as my Alaises is at 59/3 and hits like a truck with her special but I’m 4 telescopes shy of assending her, or should I lvl Grimm to 70/4 and use up the mats I do have?

Hi @Drob ! Most people would recommend leveling Grimm to 70 instead of holding those capes for Alasie. Because you will more than likely get four more capes by the time you get the rest of your telescopes. It would be different if you were one or two telescopes shy, but four is a lot.


I see. Because I ran in to a problem during this event. Not having any strong non red 4* DD’S I have some good ones but they have either no or very little lvl and no assending, so I could not kill red at tier 10 and I wasted over 40 each bombs, axes, and arrows trying. Which honestly made me want to throw my phone at a wall.

With those kind of situations max 4* first. Plus 4* maxed is stronger usually than the same level for a 5*. Most 4* are more than capable of doing almost anything in game.

If you like to base it on some high-quality, hard data, have a look at Anchor’s guide

[(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades]
((Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades)

This will show you which characters are best in different roles.

And the re entire research on damage shows that a defence lowering move, like Grimm’s Pulveriser is especially useful


Think Alasie is better long-term. In the short term, look at where the stats of each hero will be when you ascend either once. If both are 8/8 special skill the only thing changing is attack and defense numbers. And those attack numbers are cumulative every time you pair them, so the long game says Alasie.