Whatever happened to flasks?


Were flasks severely diminished from loot? I have been writing down everything I get for the past 3 months and only got 2 raid flasks and 1 WE flask (not counting the WE flasks from the event)
Is it just my bad luck?
Seems the only way to get titan flasks are through the store or in that ridiculous $100 dollars offer


Don’t remember when I got my last titan flask, but it was a loong time ago.


You got 2 raid flasks in 3 month? I got just 1 in that time.


Can anyone tell me if they are in the same roll as trainer heroes? That is what has been coming through a lot (1* of course)


As I wrote in a different thread, I started keeping tracks of what I’m receiving, and regarding this September the results are:

main account:

08/09 - Raid Energy (Holy Chest)
09/09 - World Energy Flask (Titan Loot)
09/09 - Raid Energy (Mystic Vision)
14/09 - World Energy (Monsters Chest)
17/09 - Raid Energy (Nature Chest)
18/09 - Raid Energy (Raid Chest)
18/09 - World Energy (Titan Loot)
20/09 - TITAN FLASK (War Loot)

Alt. Account

03/09 - World Energy (Mystic Vision)
06/09 - Raid Energy (War Loot)
12/09 - Raid Energy (Raid Chest)
13/09 - World Energy (Ice Chest)
13/09 - World Energy (Titan Loot)
13/09 - TITAN FLASK (Five Titans Chest)
20/09 - World Energy (Titan Loot)