Whatever Floats Yer Boat (training alliance for the 6 Ship Armada)

Newly created training alliance for the 6 Ship Armada. New players, veterans, and everyone in between welcome to join and possibly fill an opening on one of the other Ships. Have a small alliance and looking to merge? Bring them all over, we have plenty of room!

Climb aboard!

@zephyr1 Possible merge? :slight_smile:

6 Ship Armada Wants You!

@ThePirateKing Looks like they’re different alliances, just in the same family. :slight_smile:

Oh okay, that’s cool. I thought family alliances had a single thread. My bad. :slight_smile:

Most do, since it’s more effective for recruiting. But the rule is technically 1 thread per alliance, so I think it’s fine if people want each alliance in the family to have a separate thread — even though it’s typically less effective.

@Adisty you may want to consider sticking to a single thread, as the Forum ranks threads based on :heart:, comments, and views, which are all aided by having one thread for your whole alliance family instead of a separate one for each individual alliance.

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Sorry about that. Shala, the OP for Ship Happens no longer plays and handed me the leader role, so all I can do is reply to it to bump it up.

Whatever Floats Yer Boat is completely new and I wanted a thread specifically for recruiting for it.

The 6 Ship thread needed to be updated as we lost contact with one of the ships mentioned in the original post and we added WFYB.

Not sure what the forum rank has to do with a single thread versus multiple threads though?


Still have 9 spots available!

Sorry for my delayed reply, I missed the original notification.

Having a single thread consolidates the :heart:, comments, and views, which increases the visibility of the thread. Threads are “ranked” by the Forum software, so the more activity a single thread has, the higher it sorts in the “Top” and “Suggested” lists.

Alliance families have typically had more success getting a single thread to have a lot of activity (and thus rank higher and be more visible) than trying to get a separate thread for each alliance in the family to get a lot of activity.

But either approach is allowed for alliance families — one thread for each of the alliances in the family, or one thread for all of them together.

Still have 5 open spots, fighting 4 and 5 * titans

Still have rooms available for 4 more people

Had a few come and go. 4 spots available

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