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If things worked this way, I should never win any raid, as I spent no money at all on the game in over two years… I really doubt there’s any kind of connection between the money you spend and the boards you get…


Don’t give them money at all.
I never give money lately and always wins my raids :face_with_monocle:

There, fixed.


Speaking of giving them money, has anyone noticed the fact that there have been AM offers a whole lot more frequently lately? Hopefully their bottom line took a hit!

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this isn’t a one time thing. a few days before my VIP pass expires or if i haven’t bought one of those super cheap gem deals for some time, everything goes to crap. spend money and suddenly i can start winning things again.

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I’m curious to see how your log would look like when you give money🤫

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Correlation without causation. Not spending is a convenient excuse for the bad RNG streak you are in. Wait and see how long it continues for.


If not spending meant you couldn’t win raid F2P would be on here complaining none stop.

But they don’t. I know plenty of F2P in Diamond. This wouldn’t be possible if they were purposely targeting those that don’t spend.


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So here’s what you think happens???

SGG Tech - Hey boss, this guy called Smurff used to spend a lot but this graph shows he’s stopped. What should I do??

SGG Tech Boss - Turn his RNG right down. That will teach him to mess with the LORDS OF EMPIRES AND PUZZLES!

SGG Tech - Are you sure? He might go on the forum and complain we are targeting him though? Could be bad for our reputation.

SGG Tech Boss - Don’t worry, we pay that Cheds guy enough, he can just say he’s being daft and that will sort it out.

SGG Tech - Gotcha, setting his RNG to 0


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Clearly, everyone is entitled to their illogical opinion.

I stopped spending money in May, after I had some really good luck in summons and have some good leveling projects I’m working on.

I continue to crush it in raids every day, and in wars, and on Titans. I’ll check my watchtower log: I’m 20-4 as far back as the log goes, when counting the attacks I’ve initiated (raids and revenges). 83% win rate. And no spending since early May.

I’ll offer another possibility: maybe for some reason, when you don’t spend money, you have the idea in your head that the game gets harder, and you lose self-confidence, and you do poorly.

I mean, that explanation is at least as plausible as yours, right? :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

never happens. all in my head.

thanks, good talk :slight_smile:

Actually, I used to lose a lot of raids. I struggled to keep a 50% win rate. But rather than blame the boards or blame the devs for psychologically manipulating me, I instead came to the forum, learned from people who were better than me, and got way better at the game. I also just raid and raid and raid, as much as I can, and I’ve gotten way better at manipulating the board than I was a year ago.

If you were to come up with some method by which you could post some proof for you claims, beyond just “I feel like I get screwed over unless I spend money” then maybe you’d be a little more convincing. There have been many on this forum who have gathered HUGE amounts of data, and shown that tile distribution is random, etc.

If you’re that convinced that the game starts to screw you over if you don’t spend money, then I guess your theory would be pretty easy to test:

  • start making note of what raids you do - mark down the enemy defense, what team you use to attack them, and do that for the next 100 raids
  • then, spend some money, and record the same information for the next 100 raids

I’d be willing to bet you wouldn’t see a huge turnaround if you actually documented the experience. Rather, my guess is that you are experiencing a perfectly natural human tendency to try to make order out of chaos - in this case, you’re having a run of bad luck, and trying to attribute a reason to it. It’s human nature for your memory to emphasize negative over positive. It happens to me quite frequently: I’ll be doing raids, and feel like I’m just doing horribly, but then I look at my raid log to see that I’ve actually won 80% of my raids. It just FELT like I was doing poorly, and the boards weren’t cooperating, but even in case where 8 moves in, I got some good luck and won the raid, the tendency to overemphasize the negative won out and I “felt bad” about how I was doing, even though I won!

Anyway, enough rambling. Think what you want. If it makes you feel better to think that the game tries to trick you into spending money, and you want to garner some support and find some like-minded people, I’ll leave this thread alone so you can recruit a bunch of people to your cause. :slight_smile: Be well.


lotta words to just say it’s all in my head. thanks for inviting me to your ted talk.

Anyone else?

I’ll have what they’re having as well :slight_smile:

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Sure - I agree that it’s in your head as well. Thanks for asking!



any more takers?

My 2 cents as I see it is you lost raids in a row. Now can you let us know your team you using and to but also what were the teams/tp of the teams you were raiding. Other wise it is hard not to think it’s just sour grapes grumbling. Let’s see the full picture

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