Whatever....20 charactets

Whatever… 20 characters

Still have to have 20 carroters

Come back, please! It was an accident. I don’t know how to invite you back. I remembered seeing your post on here and can’t find a way to message you. @LSLordy

20 carats of characte…

It was an accident, lady apologized and max was mad at himself for not promoting you so that it wouldn’t have happened. She didn’t mean to, she swears she didn’t know what the button did, she thought she was just looking at more of your profile. Look at our alliance description. Everyone wants you back! Accidents happen. I hope you come back. I’m sorry it happened to you, you are a great addition to any alliance you choose to be in, but we all hope you choose to come back. Several of us posted on the world chat, but i know that’s a hot mess. I’m glad I could find you here. @LSLordy

Okay @GreyGoose. Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to explain. I will rejoin the fun and lets take down some 7* titans.

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