What you like most & least about E&P?

I’m starting this thread in an attempt to bring some balance to the forum. The question is simple. The one thing (yes, pick one) you like most about E&P. Also, the one thing (again, pick one) you like least… With a suggestion(s) to make it better.

What I like most? Alliance wars. I enjoy the teamwork and the thrill of the last hour in a tight war.

What I like least? The challenge events reward structure. Big spenders have the clear advantage. To fix this, I have two suggestions. First, change rewards to a % tier system like the new tournament is done. Second, if you want to keep the current reward system, don’t allow people to replay a level they already finished and get rid of the flee button.


I love getting combos!!!
Sparkly gems lol

I absolutely hate spending gems and not getting 4 or 5* heroes , especially for events… would have preferred 5* drop rate to be 3%

And I also hate the fact that 5* ascension materials are far and in between…I jump for joy when I get one…
Esp when u get A+ on a titan and get leather strips but a fellow mate gets a B and a hidden blade to say the least … Phoey :poop:

Love: the direction it’s going.
Hate: Some of its users.
Would enjoy: faster hero leveling.

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I love many things about the game, but I will agree the Wars are probably my favorite.

I don’t like the cool downs for the wanted chests…I think if you want to spend gems to speed them up, it should always be available…after all we are using our world/raid flags to fill them, and gems to reset them. It is one of the better ways to get mats, especially the elemental chests.

On a side note I think @Rushfan1974 has a very interesting idea about the events…I would love to see a “sudden-death” type of event…once you play the stage no replays! (and no flee button) That would really shake up the current leader boards of always the same players with umpteen energy flasks to replay and massive amounts of battle items to use. I think this would really add a new twist on it, and have not seen it suggested before…I would vote for it!

I edited this as I realized people would flee, or just let themselves be killed before finishing the stage to be able to replay it…….so none of that either lol. so win or lose, you get the score you get. boom. done.

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I love alliance activities (war/titan)

I don’t like raiding much.
1.Add alliance raid quests
-your alliance members have 3 days for heal
400 000 in raids/raid tournaments
-your alliamce members have 3 days for deal
60 000 by effects poison/fire etc.

When alliance finish quest all memebers getting chest (something like 0,5 war chest capacity)


I like the events the most. New heroes for summoning and 3 difficulty levels so you can use your various 3-5* teams.

I dislike that everything is ‘‘rng” and the chance of getting 5* heroes and 4* mats are so incredibly low. You can consistently be A+ rank on titans yet everyone else gets the ascension materials. There is no incentive to ‘be better’ when everything is random. You can dominate raid/monster/war chests and still get crap.


That would be amazing. THAT would really help level the field in events.


Love the grind.
Hate the grind.

Love the rarity.
Hate the rarity.

Love to summon.
Hate to summon.

This game is a kinda on off relationship with 95% of on. :wink:

Most annoying thing is to get crappy loot from the chests, especially the titan one. After 5 days a feather and two gems, ridiculous, eh?

Coolest things are rare quests, seasonal events, wars and the trials.

Loot tickets should be rewarded much more often. Autoplay is annoying, too.


I love the game, some aspects more others less, but really hate the constant complaining and all the conspiracy theories. If I ever would quit that game only because of that :slight_smile:


Don’t quit the game over that.

I considered quitting the forum over that. In fact, that is what caused me to start this thread. It is my attempt to allow for complaints, but balance it with praise.

We will see if it works.


I am far away from quitting, I enjoy the game and the company too much. I left many Line groups over that, feeling much better now.


Love the artwork for the heroes. Not a fan of the fact that after a while there isn’t much use for all the food and ore you accumulate.

I love the puzzle within the puzzle which is selecting your raid/war attack team for a specific defense. Now that I have a lot of levelled options, this is really challenging and interesting to try to unlock the best combo of heroes for the defense you face

I really dislike farming, I find it very tedious and not especially rewarding, but I know I have to do. Makes me feel like a battery hen, another day, another egg. It would be possible to inject some interest into it, but the problem is there are very few statistically efficient viable provinces to farm in

I echo the sentiment of others about diminishing returns and have gone back to F2P until something amazing comes along to convince me to spend again


What I hate: Spoils and rotten chests, bad pull, some of my heroes (ATOMOS), some players because they beat me (humor).
what I like: the diversity of the game (missions, titan, raids, war, tournament raids, events, quests), make great combos, mount my teams, find tactical solutions, be part of a nice alliance, the to progress, to exchange with the players of the other alliances (except those who beat me (humor))
In the end, sometimes this game annoys me but it brings me a lot too. We are like an old couple.

I love the game.

Hate the community.

Like the most: ability to play while not paying any attention whatsoever.

Like the least: the flag system. I hate waiting for refill timers.

My favorite thing: I love raiding. I like having to critically evaluate my target, choose my best suited team to use, and fight. Once the fight begins the heroes themselves kind of drop off in my mind, and the tile game begins. Timing specials is nice, but the cherry for me is moving the board around and setting up giant cascades.

My least favorite thing: I hate, beyond hate, that my iron is always yellow. No one wants tarnished iron! It annoys me that I have to look at it, just sitting there, waiting. Endlessly.

Love the emblems and how they have the ability to help someone stuck with weaker heroes still have fun when doing raids, wars and challenge events.

Hate that you lose 5% of your emblems if you want to reassign them. If the emblems were something that were super easy to acquire I might be okay with it. But they aren’t. Dislike being penalized for wanting to take them off one character to give to another.


Game is a good disconnect, but incredibly worse when you add the toxicity and cheerleading by joining these community forums.


I like collecting and leveling different heroes. I like building teams for and competing in AWs. I like it when I get good loot from a chest (yay! hidden blade!), or get a good hero from a summons, or win a battle that I thought I was going to lose.

I dislike getting crap loot (3 common tokens for an elemental chest? seriously?). I dislike getting bad summons (300 gems for yet another Dawa? seriously?). I dislike getting multiple bad boards in a row - yes I understand that RNG is RNG, but come on! 3 crap boards in a row on a revenge raid against a sub-par team that I could normally beat in my sleep? I call shenanigans! It’s obviously rigged! :rage:

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