What yellow would u ascend and why?

Joon. Drake. Leo. And why


I would up Joon first(exactly what im doing right now), because: second best sniper in the game, deals a lot of damage, can even oneshot. And fast mana of course

Mainly between joon and drake I’ve never used a hero that causes one to miss if my fellow ep league with him do u like him

Joon, then Drake, then Leo.

Joon is a fast hitting sniper, bonus he blinds the enemy if it doesn’t 1 shot them.

Drake is fast hitting dealing 270% (iirc?) damage to 3 enemies, while also blinding them. Very good for a fast mana hero.

Leo lastly as he just doesn’t compare to the above two.

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First, get Khiona off the wing. She gives attack nuff on each side so you are wasting power.

Vivica for a hard to kill healer.

Its up to you. Which one you Need. Drake and joon i would both fully ascend, but which one First is which one you Need first. Joon is good in raid attack Teams and against titan and wars. He is One of the best snipers. Drake is an Allrounder gives the yellow Link against Titans and would be awesome in defense Team with your gravemakers. He is also Good in Events. Leonidas i would not ascend fully. Let him at 3/70 and use him in wars. Thats it


That is in my hero’s lol not team line up if u pay attention bud

I dont try anymore for top 100 I can do drake and joon which I am at the moment I just wanted some good oppinions

The header over each hero read “Team 1”.


Joon or Drake, probably the former. Can’t go wrong with a great sniper on the team. Joon does more damage and has better blinding aswell

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