What would you tell your younger E&P self?

So, I’ve been variously a F2P or C2P player since April 2018.

I didn’t spend anything for the first two months, while I decided if I was going to stick with the game or not. Once I decided I was, it was important to me to contribute something to a game that gave me so much entertainment and social interaction. My small way of saying “Thanks” to SG. I want to help this product to survive.

But even so, I took the cheapskate option and purchased VIP one month at a time, and let 1-2 weeks pass before renewing it. My logic being that I would maximise my $ by stringing it out as long as possible.

At the moment I am C2P, I buy enticing offers that are good value to me, and the VIP Pass. So let’s say around Australian$15 per month (which ends up being WAAAAAY more than I’ve ever spent on a game - apart form Pinball, Space Invaders, Pacman, Donkey Kong and Galaga across the 1970s/80s/90s - but that mostly wasn’t my money. Lol)

Now, close to 10 months into the game, I feel great about where I am at. I have the buildings I want at Level 20 (SH / TC / Forges / Storage / Farms / Houses) already there. And I’m about to wind back closer to the C2P / F2P border because I also feel like I have plenty of 5* / 4* / Event and HOTM, and mats, to keep me content (and levelling!) for a long time. The “shiny new hero” / “Gotta Catch them all” aspect is beyond my financial interest in the game. I know I have the heroes to compete very deep at my disposal already. The rest is (very welcome!) cream on top.

I’m also in a brilliant alliance that I’m growing with. We’re doing great! And most of us, most of the time, are happy.

SOOO… this led me to thinking: What is the best advice you can give to new and middle level players about the game, based on your experience.

And I mean everything from purchases, to lessons learned, to missed opportunities, to “things I wish I knew then, what I know now”.

Let’s call it an “E&P Primer”. As the post title says: “What would you tell your younger E&P self…?”

I’l kick things off by saying that although I don’t regret a single cent I’ve spent on the game (and there are more of those than I feel comfortable with), the best investment - for me - was finding an alliance I am at home in. There were a few missteps, but… persevering with the inevitable personal frictions and conflicts, to end up with a group of people that I feel I can grow with was worth the journey. Many I see now as friends.

I’m not intending to be weepy eyed about this… but what is the one thing that you wish you could tell your younger E&P self?

Please interpret this broadly because my preference is that we cover the whole range of issues, obstacles, challenges and rewards. Don’t let my choice skew your thinking.

Let’s have at it!

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