What would you do?


I have some decent heroes, but I’m struggling to put togheter a good team.

Which heroes would you use in raid-team and defens-team if you had to pick from my heroes?

Dont mind their level/Power. I will upgrsade those heroes. Just mind the heroes ability… Which one would you use if they where “fully-powered”

Help appreciated…

Quintos: Slow
Justice: Slow
Athena: Avg
Kashrek: Avg
Azlar: Slow

Rigard: Avg
Leonidas: Avg
Boril: Avg
Lianna: Fast
Ares: Avg

Melendor: Avg

Maybe I need som “fast” heroes. Any suggestions which heroes that could fit well in my team?


Fast heroes are strong on attack, but defensively you have so many options that it’s a bit absurd.

I’d go either Azlar as tank with healer flanks, or Ares as tank and put hitters or even AE’s on the flanks: a little disappointing Azlar is the same color as Ares in this case as I think Ares tanking may evolve into a two blue attack for a lot of people, jury still out on that one. Justice is an annoying as hell tank too. Lianna is somewhere in your lineup too on defense, and she can tank too when levelled.

Attack X / Lianna / Ares / Athena / X where X is just flavor to taste would be my choice; melendor is useful for his offensive dispel and heal, rigard useful self dispel and heal and I do like all colors on attack typically and Lianna is Lianna, Leo is a highly useful card too. I’m not a fan of slow AE’s on attack, by the time I get them up I may well already be dead. Ares and Athena though have crazy synergy for blowing enemy heroes up.


I’d go Just, Ath, Ares, Rig, Lian.


I also got Sartana now… She should fit nicely into the team I guess…


• Athena (important to have a hero that lowers defence, Athena is also best hero against titan)
• Lianna (really good fast high damage hero)
•Leo (not my favourite but better than justice on attack)
•Sartana (If only time to focus on one I would choose rigard since very important to have a healer against rare quests. In raid attack team I would use Sartana)
•ares (better than azlar on attack imo)

Same as attack except I would rather have justice than Leo and I would consider azlar instead of ares.