What would YOU do with this Holy hero dillema?

So Ive been playing long enough that Im not asking for advice so much as wondering what the good folks of this forum would do in my situation.

Here it is, I have no luck with yellow ascension items but recently, finally built back up to 8 magic orbs and 6 poison darts. I have a Wu Kong maxed, then a Chao 3/60, a Guin 2/60, and Drake Fong 2/60 in consideration for ascension. Not really interested in any other regular holy hero. Soooooo who do you ascend? Why?

Maybe wait for guardians to pull Jackal and ascend him?

Go for Chao now since its only 4 magic orbs and more will come?

Go for Guin to have on your defense team?

Go for Drake Fong since hes a pretty decent attacker?

Something else? What ya think?

EDIT: I know it depends on your line up. I was just asking how you would personally do it if you were faced with this situation in your current line up. For my own, I have pretty much every relevant 4 star hero in various stages of leveling and for 5 stars I have Greg, Magni, Red Hood, Sartana, Richard, Azlar, Horghall and Ares. I use Greg, Magni, Sartana, Wu, and Red Hood/boldtusk the most often for rainbow.

Depends somewhat on what else you have and what you want, but since you have asc mats for it, I’d probably raise Drake or Guinevere and Drake specifically, since I don’t care so much about raid defence and cups (as long as there’s more than 2400 of them when opening chests). Even if you have had bad luck finding orbs, I would not think too much about them as they’re relatively easy to come by. The darts are a bigger decision however.


Personally I don’t care about raiding and would rather have a hero I use a lot so my vote would be for Drake Fong, he’s great for raid attack, titans, and war. He can also serve as your tank in the meantime if you don’t have anyone else. The real question is what are your other heroes and what do you like to do/need.

Currently with the information you have given I would vote for Drake Fong.


I would make that decission according to my other heroes and asc items.
Like if you have only Defensive 5* maxed then it might be better to choose Drake for now.

But in moste cases i would choose Guin as she is an outstanding hero wich helps you and you alliance

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Edited the post for better clarity of my personal situation.

@Hrothgor, you already have a bunch of snipers, so I’d choose Guin. Put her on your defense team flanked by Red and Magni, you’ll see a big difference in cup retention. Imo

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Cup retention is nice, but the real benefit of levelling Guin IMO is to give opponents conniptions in alliance wars.


I would go for Guinny.
Cause I want to raid @Xero786


And Guinevere helps with that how? :wink: I personally have raided Zero and even have won. And I don’t have Guinevere…

Are you luluka from aggressive? :smile:

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I wouldn’t upgrade Chao! :wink: Fong is better in attacking team and titans. So if you want to build attacking team ascend him. That it, what I would do first. Guinevere, if you want build strong defence team. :wink:

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No, I’m not luluka! :rofl::joy: My gamename is same Lulua85! And it isn’t copy from her either! :wink:

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Wkwkwkwkwk… because you said you win raid with zero :rofl::rofl:

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Shhhhh… :shushing_face:
They might gave her to me just for this reason. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Then I will see how this may help raiding this big target xD


I actually have won him more than once. :wink:

To start, forget about Chao.
If you can pull a Jackal on the guardians event that would be great, but for now you have materials to go all out with a 5* and i don’t see any reasons to postpone it, especially because you have 2 great heroes in your deck.

Same question as ever: great defence or better attack?
Improving titan score or help your cups and your team in war?

Up to you what’s more important.


Wow looks like your hero very powerfull :thinking::thinking:

Agreed. Since he already has 6 darts. Orbs come much easier. He can ascend Drake or Guin depending on his needs.

Of course, yellow stacking would be good to have a Jackal around.

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