What would you do with these purple heroes?

So I have the following 4- and 5-star Dark heroes:

Cyprian (4/70+5)
Thoth-Amun (3/40)
Cheshire Cate (3/60)
Proteus (2/31)
Ameonna (1/1)

and the following relevant AM’s"
6 Trap Tools
3 Royal Tabards

The options I’m pondering are

  1. Elevate the Cat now
  2. Push Proteus development as fast as possible and ascend him as soon as possible
  3. Hold the trap tools until I have the 3 additional tabards I need for Thoth
  4. Hold everything in hopes that a better purple hero steps through the gate or emerges from my TC20

I’d appreciate any advice on which of these options to pursue and if you’re recommending option 4, which heroes should I be looking for.

Proteus, hands down. He is arguably one of the best 4* in the game. I even dare to say he is the best purple you have, and that includes Thoth.


Yep, Proteus.
And most likely you will get another 6 trap tools before finding 3 more tabards :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what is it that makes Proteus so much better? I assume that it’s the three-target mana-stop because his damage over time seems… underwhelming, unless it increases dramatically between skill level 6 and 8.

It is the mana stop. He’s basically a 4* Hel with the base dmg replaced by a (yes, underwhelming) DoT

His DoT increases with his attack stat, NOT the level of his special skill. And his attack stat increases all the way up to 4.70. It’ll be over 300 damage when he’s maxed.


You would be surprised, with lvl 5 mana troops i get 127 dmg for 3 turns for a total of 381. Thats alot of DOT considering his main use is the mana stop, the DOT is just a bonus.

Are you sure? That doesn’t make much sense to me because if the skill level doesn’t increase the DoT, what does it do? It certainly doesn’t change the mana-stop aspect of the special.

Proteus, no question. If there are a lot of purple tiles the guy is like a cheat code on final challenge event and Emblem quest hero stages. Stopping their Mana is huge.

Well you could take my word for it.

If you don’t find me credible - MY FEELINGS ARE HURT :stuck_out_tongue: - then here’s a moderator saying the same.

You could also do a few google image searches and find different Proteus cards who have the special skill maxed but have different hero levels (and therefore different attack stats). If I am wrong, then they will show the same DoT.

Searches on this forum regarding Proteus and DoT will give you the same answer, as will searches for any other hero with DoT, like say Colen.


The DoT increases as the attack stat does, like all DoT dealers.

The Special Skill Level should determine the multiplier relative to the Attack stat for determining the DoT.

But both the hero and the special skill need to be maxed to hit peak DoT.

And Talent Grid upgrades to Attack will increase the DoT further.

This is not hyperbolic or hard to argue. I have Proteus at +8 and Thoth-Amun at +3, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I get more use and benefit out of Proteus.

I’m currently maxing a second Proteus to 4-70.

A third one is in my purple queue.

If I get more, I will max one for every War team.

There is no other hero in the game I can imagine prioritizing that many duplicates for.


Oh, I’m prepared to believe you that that’s how it works. And I just leveled him up and calculated the multiplier before and after (his special went from 6 to 7) and it looks like the multiplier did increase but only a very small amount. The multiplier was 0.43 at skill level 6 and shot all the way up to 0.44 at skill level 7, and based on the card image for the maxed Proteus it is about 0.46 at level 8.

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Same here, but I was fortunate of pulling Hel, so… My four Protei only need one more brother to complete the six war teams.

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When I first pulled proteus I didn’t prioritize him because I didn’t understand the game that well yet and I didn’t think his special was that great. After I was told on the forum that he needed to be maxed over my other heroes I listened and did not regret it. Without him there is no way I would have been able to finish the 3 stages of grimforest. He’s a gamechanger.

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Well then, I will take the advice and make Proteus my highest priority Dark hero. The next question then is should I prioritize him for feeders over Wilbur (currently 2/44, needs one more blade) or Melendor (currently 3/34, needs 1 sturdy shield, he is only my second 4/5* healer and would replace Belith+7 as my second healer, freeing up emblems for Caedmon in the process)?

I usually train 5 heroes at a time, one of each color. This way I only feed them heroes of the same color to take advantage of the exp boost. However, if you prefer to train one at a time I would still prioritize proteus. Him and Wilbur are both great heroes but Proteus has been more useful to me personally. Especially with the challenge event coming up soon.


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