What would you do...Heimdall or Kingston?

Was lucky enough to pull Heimdall this morning, this of course throws a monkey wrench in my next green leveling plans. I was planing to take Kingston to final ascension, now I’m not sure. My current leveled green five stars are Lianna, Alby and LotL. I am not looking for another tank as I’m currently using BK and am quite happy with him. Main objective would be for war depth so I can go either way on this one. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

+1 for Kingston

You already have a great reviver + healer (not to mention the amazing mana generation) from Alby.
You are also not looking for a tank.

So, unless you have some other reason, I’d say go with Kingston. (Note: His overheal skill is likely fully functional at 3/70)

Case in Point: I have my Heimdall at 3/70. He does his job amazingly well. Giving him tonics will be beneficial only for his sturdiness IF you decide to put him in tank position. Else, his overheal will make him sturdy enough for other scenarios.

Just my 2 cents.


I am a Heimdall lover. He does fantastic on attack too. But I agree with Captain. You’re missing firepower, served with healers for now. I’d also go for Kingston first.

Edit: I find Kingston and his attack down comes very handy on titans too. You can’t go wrong with him :slight_smile:

Yeah, Kingston is where I’m leaning as well. Thank you for your input.

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