What would you do? 2

What would you do if you opened the game and your account had vanished?
This happened to my husband. Bull was level 19. He contacted support. They claimed they could find and restore his account. Then they closed the ticket without doing anything.
POOF Just like that, the game he had spent hundreds to start had vanished. He has a REASONABLE EXPECTATION to continue to play a game he paid to play.
My account was at a much higher level. I chose to delete the game from my phone. Why should I risk having the same thing happen to me? Now what will you do, knowing this could happen to you?

Well I’m not deleting my game in case it does happen.
But if it did and nothing was done, I wouldn’t be starting again and a combination of a letter to small giant a rant on here and a bad google review would be about all I could do.
Little short of going to small giants hq and holding them at gunpoint.
I would contact either rook or petri here or both hopefully they can help

This topic has been discussed numerous times and SG will always try to re instate your game. But you need to have your account detail to hand so they can assist.
Easiest way to do this is to screenshot the startup screen which shows in the bottom right hand corner you account number

Deleting the game is like cutting off your nose to spite your face - your husband should contact support again.

That is exactly how I feel. I miss the game every time I sit down. On the other hand, how can I play knowing it could all disappear?

That was the problem. He had all kinds of purchase receipts, but not the account number. I took a screenshot of his account before he was booted from my alliance, but it didn’t have his account number. As many times as Rock said for us to record our number, I didn’t. It will never happen to me, right?