What would you change?

What would you change or how would you set up for alliance wars and raid defense?

Thanks in advance.

Rigard - Onatel - Boldtusk - Buddy - Sonya

For both alliance war and raid defense. Buddy and Sonya needs to be at 4.70 tough and a 4.80 Onatel would be harder to defeat.


So you’re saying after buddy and sonya are leveled up? But leave as is until then? We have a war starting today and i just finished rigard. My previous team was bt-merlin-gormek-onatel-kiril. We’re a young alliance, just hit 100k and the previous team did pretty well in war and better than average in raid def.

In my honest opinion for raid defence I would go with:
Boldtusk - Tiburtus- Onatel - Rigard - Sonya

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At current levels or after leveling the other heroes?


Can you show the stats for onatel at 3-,70?

If she is strong inaf to guard center than
Bt, merlin, onatel, gormek, righard
Merlin onatel, gormek, righard, kiril
Merlin, onatel, gormek, obakan, kiril
But you really need some fast snipers in your lineup

After you max out and emblem Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Onatel, Rigard, Sonya

For today go with Rigard - Gromek - Kiril - Boldtusk - Onatel.

I dont like healer tanks that much but right now with this defense you will get the best color sysnergy you can get.

I assume you dont have the mats for Onatel, so finish Li Xiu, Sonja and Melendor asap.

With Li you have a decent non healer tank and with Sonja a fast hiter/dispeller.

No you can try a defense like: Sonja - Gromek/Rigard - Li Xiu -Gromek/Rigard - Melendor for a rainbow defense team.

I probabely would go with Rigard on the left flank but you could test the 2 configurations as your raid defense team and see the results. :

Wish you best of luck with your war.

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Awesome, thank you for tak8ng the time to help me out.

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