What would you be focusing on with these heroes and 10 EHTs?

These are the stats in all my 4s and 5s. I have 10 epic hero tokens and 7 Atlantis tokens (and 5k in gems).

  1. When should I use my hero pulls? The HotM next month looks good and I feel like I really need some strong purples, so I’m thinking of pulling when those are the daily element. Is there an event I should wait for?
  2. Who should I be leveling? Right now I’m focused on my healers (always useful, right?) and Wu, but I don’t have a team that feels great, just a bunch of good. I can fight well in war, but titans feel like I can’t do the damage I should.
  3. Other thoughts?



I would save the EHT until next month, use the 7 Atlantis pulls this week, and use the gems for World Energy refreshes during Atlantis Rising to farm S2.1.3 normal for backpacks(hero exp) You have decent hero’s that need to be maxed. I would farm that level until I couldn’t take it anymore, then make someone do it for me.

Red: Boldtusk, finish Scarlett,
Blue: Grimm, Sonya
Green: finish LJ, Melandor
Yellow: Wu, Li
Purple: finish Tibs, Rigard

If you pull Wilbur or Proteus they go to the front of the line


Thank you for this! This is awesome!

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If I may ask, why do you suggest waiting to level the 5* heroes (i.e. Magni, Justice, Marjana, Elkanen)?

A fully levelled 4* takes less resources and they are sometimes stronger than a 3-70 five star.

Get a good strong bench of 4*, until you have mats for 5* final ascension.

Gives you a better bench, and lets your mats build up.


A 4* @ 4/70 not only takes less resources & is usually stronger than a partially levelled 5*, but you can further improve them with class emblems.


Having many combinations of 4* heroes allows you to color stack and pass more challenges, events, and trials, which yields more materials and emblems to make those heroes better.


As you can see here(sorry it’s cut off) it costs roughly 84k exp to take a 4* to 3.60 and that much again to max it. Compared with roughly twice that for 5*.

You can pick one 4* of each color to start leveling, then when they get to 3.60, either decide to continue to max(if you have the materials and want to) or start over on another. This will enable you to build a strong roster relatively quickly.


This has been incredibly helpful. Thank you again. Here’s what I’m doing, please correct me if I’ve misunderstood!

  1. Grabbing all the recruits I can. I have 1,400 backpacks and had been using recruits to keep my TC20s constantly running. Now I’m going to just burn through my backpacks.

  2. Level at least 2 4* heroes of each color to 4.70, or 3 to 3.60.

  3. Use my 10 EHT’s on next month’s HotM on a purple day, because I need purple.

  4. (Against your advice) I’m also going to wait for next month’s Atlantis event to pull my Atlantis heroes, because I’d like more shots at the Purple HotM. You’ve shown me that my 4* roster is pretty good, I don’t need to keep pulling hoping for magic 5*s (which is why thosw TC20s were constantly running).

  5. Run Atlantis constantly for recruits and XP.

  6. Figure out who to put class emblems on.

Am I on the right track?

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Yes that’s good.

I would consider this also:
3. Pardon me if this has been said, but seasonal event is usually a good time to use eht’s. You might get a special hero. Like yunan, a top tier tank. Couple of good purples there too. Your choice, but that’s what I’d probably do. You may want purple hotm but Ranvir looks good too and you would get lots if use of him if he makes your titan team.
5. S1 8-7 is possibly more efficient in terms of WE per recruit than farming S2. Except for atlantis rises ofc. S2 9-9 gives 5 or more recruits per WE right now. And gives stegosaurs and gold macaws!


So you’d suggest pulling next month, but from the Seasonal Summon to get the best of both worlds? I didn’t realize EHTs weren’t usable in the Elemental Summon anyway, so I’ll wait and see what I get from the 10 EHT’s on July 1st. If I don’t pull solid Purple (or maybe Green as well, Little John and Melendor do not a solid Green wall make), then I can look at pulling from the corresponding Elemental Summon.

And yeah, I’ll farm 8-7 once Atlantis Rising Ends. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping!!!


Alright. I pulled my 10 EHTs and did a 10x pull on the Seasonal today and got 2 Jabbars, 2 Armans, and a Hisan. Not quite what I was aiming for. I have 3300 gems left.

  1. I’m assuming I stick to the plan:

Red: Boldtusk, finish Scarlett,
Blue: Grimm, Sonya
Green: finish LJ, Melandor
Yellow: Wu, Li
Purple: finish Tibs, Rigard

  1. Do I pull on the Elemental Summon for Purple (or Yellow?) this week? I feel like that’s my glaring weakness right now.

  2. I haven’t spent any emblems on anyone yet. Is it a good idea to throw all my Wizard emblems on Kiril given that I don’t have Proteus or any other 4/5* Wizards?

  3. Since I started power leveling the above heroes, I’m having to make choices about who to ascend from 3.60. Is there a best order (given my roster) between them? The ones hitting the limit are Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Rigard, Grimm, and Melandor (Scarlett, Tiburtus, Little John, Chao, and Kiril are all at 4.01 or better).

Thanks again @Keyz, @Inigo, and @EmptyDee for all the help!!

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Assuming you got no one useful from the 7 Atlantis pulls last weekend. So you’re in the same spot you were before hero wise(+Jabbar) but now with a lot more leveling exp stored up. That’s good in the sense that non maxed heroes are only potential, whereas exp is money in the bank.

Save your gems until the next Atlantis. You have good heroes to level. The name of the game is ascension materials, IMO. Maxing the heroes on your list will help to finish all rare quests(maybe you can do already,) and get somewhere close on events/trials. But titans are the key, and Wu and Boldtusk will help immensely immediately. Max them as fast as you can, they can go on every Titan team of yours except certain rares.

Regarding emblems, it’s up to you. It’s likely that you’ll pull Proteus within a few months, so maybe save them for him. But in other classes, like fighter, give them all to Boldtusk when you can.

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Wu deserves a separate reply. He’s indispensable and unique. A lot of the criticism of him has to do with his accuracy. He will frustrate players who carefully plot and count HP and think about moves. Especially if they got him late. It throws their learned game play out of whack. They can’t depend on damage.

But therein lies the rub. Because of his huge atk boost, he’s the single most important hero on titans, because you don’t have time to search for the optimal play, you have to send the tiles flying. He’s truly the king of getting you better Titan scores, and hence, more materials.

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Thank you so much!!!

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