What would make the game fun for you again?

If your interest is waning, what would get your interest back?

My alliance was chatting about this a laughing at the fact that we used to complain that the base was boring. Then we got a bunch of new buildings. Then we complained about the time and iron drain. (Now we complain that there’s too much iron)

We used to say that there was nothing new and interesting. Then we got more events and challenges. Now we complain that it’s too busy and we can’t keep up.

We used to say that the same specials with only minor variations was boring. Then we were flooded with new heroes. Now we complain about power creep and not be able to keep up with all the new ones.

lol… this is meant in a light-hearted way to show that we can collectively be a little ridiculous. :crazy_face: (And maybe SG needs to not hyper fixate so much… :thinking:)

So what’s the next ‘gap’? I’d love to see some different tile play options. I thought that the Valentine event was kind of cool. What’s yours?


Monster Island would probably do it for me. It was different, was an actual alliance based event and I enjoyed it. Putting that on a regular rotation would bring a little enjoyment back for me

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


stop with the ads. stop with the introduction of new heroes. make the older heroes more relevant, or make them be more competitive without having to “buy” new costumes. make things extremely less expensive. better rewards (5 gems is, and was never, gonna cut it).


Completely agree!!! I really liked it.


The game is trying to give new content and succeeding IMO. But if you are hyper fixated on the power creep and new heroes, there is nothing that can make you happy over the long run. I like completing everything I can and I’m not just focusing on the things I like…but I see how that would help your mindset.

I think a lot of us would like Monster Island back and most everyone has been waiting too long for the over-anticipated Dominion of Dragon. I wish the game would keep us better informed and stick to their promises.


Move a lot of the “free” stuff into activities like quests or missions.


I like Monster Island even if it’s just me exploring the island and waving hello to the monsters.

3x MV is great when I have time to auto all 3. The freebies can be very useful.

Reduce offers or put greater thought into offers: increase value of those offers; player base has matured enough to figure out if an offer is decent or halfway decent or a scam.

Increase Rare Quest to weekly => 52 guaranteed rare quests in a year.

Please just release that Aether Crystal quest so that I can auto play for some free crystals.

What about a quest to accompany that Ascension Summon ?


Better accessibility for costumes for older heroes would help. Just one example: I still use my uncostumed Ariel a fair bit, even though c2Rigard is around the same size (or even bigger), and would be cheaper to LB2.

I’d quite like to land Ariel’s costume — it would hardly make her The Latest Release healer (her costume is ~2 years old!) — but it would make her significantly more viable, obviously.

But how am I supposed to get her costume, even? Hope cAriel turns up as a SE option and that she’s the best pick for the heroes I have to exchange? Wait for her to be featured in the old-school Atlantis portal and… do a 300 pull? (Er, that’s not happening for me period, plus anyone who’d more consider doing a 300-pull probably wouldn’t at the classic Atlantis portal; theoretically, she could drop from the Untold Tales portal, but I don’t even want to compute those, much longer, odds.)

Now multiply this by every older hero that I or you or anyone have/has sans costume that any of us uses or would like to be able to use more….

At minimum, it seems like Black-Friday-esque portals could include older costumes (e.g. anything that’s been released for six months? a year?)

But a nicer feature might be to have a mechanic to allow players to earn and pick a costume for a hero they already have, something like the Fated Summon counter (or possibly even using the FS counter). Even if it were limited to “older” costumes, that would be a lot more accessible than having to resummon the same 5* again.

More generally, though, I feel like the game’s pace could use a sanity check. The number of new heroes (heavily weighted toward 5*) has exploded ridiculously, and our ability to earn resources hasn’t kept pace (or, in the case of Rare quests, looks to be taking a step not merely retrograde but actually backwards).

If we’re going to have new and/or revamped events that are more challenging and more frequent, the rewards need to be rising commensurately and at least in significant part accessible to not-just-top-1%-finishers.

Also? Carthago delenda est : #52RareQuestsAYear


training troops is switched from ham to iron.


A raid tournament where we can use heroes we do not own. It would make it an even playing field.

As sn added bonus at the end of the tourney you get to choose one of the heroes to keep.


This and that

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Alongside a lot of the stuff under the “Ideas” tags/category, especially the “Hero Balance” subcategory, I think they could have easily kept the QoL updates coming with the rapid-fire increase in new items, events, heroes, adding extra workloads that require food and almost little to nothing requiring iron, having mats and more potent battle items rarer and harder to obtain, having us work every portal that has costume-less Classic heroes included, but somehow equal to 100 Coins OR, for some of these fancier portals, 400 gems, World Energy also attached to them unless there’s a separate flag/energy/flask made specifically for the event…

This is a lot in that one paragraph, and it might not be worth the read, but I hope it somewhat illustrate my point a little. I’d love if they slowed down and focused on a couple more of the community appeasements that might make years of investment in what should be a casual/free-time fun in a mobile game NOT feel like some of us should be paid to stay, the amount of time and effort to get better as a second/third job.


  • More QoL updates, like re-balancing older and “more common” heroes (Rare and Epic), methods for keeping excess iron/food in crates until newer opportunities to use them arise, improvements on Training Camps AND Hero Academy with the influx of new events, etc.
  • More balance updates that don’t revolve around exclusively :sparkles: NEW :sparkles: Event heroes/families and :sparkles: NEW :sparkles: Legendary heroes; re-balance older heroes, especially costume-less Classic heroes, to justify valuing them at 400 gems in portals like Covenant Summon (without their primary and/or secondary costumes).
  • Readjust summon currencies for certain Events OR the amount of coins/tokens obtained in those Events. Not every single portal NEEDS to be 100 coins for what will result in another outdated RARE Classic without a costume. This includes Untold Tales Summon, which currently has a cap that isn’t divisible by 100.
  • Readjust rewards for certain Events, particularly tiered Events. The amount of effort put in things like the (currently isolated, future Festival III) Challenge Events shouldn’t feel like a penalty of only 1 silver summon token.
    ** Also maybe have EHTs as possible Alkashard results from time to time, if not make them more frequent than the silver tokens. Or a method of “transmuting” silver tokens into EHTs. (10 silvers → 1 gold, for example)

I kinda dread the day they release an update that actually forces me out altogether because even the new players somehow make things in the game unplayable in some way.


The game is still fun, but some aspect tend to loose interest due to power Creep…

The league was appealing for me… But actually it’s so much less fun than tournament because the special rules add no fun but give more power to Heroes that are own by whales… Does they really need more advantage to beat f2p and c2p?

On tournament (and Wars), the special rules force you to think differently… That’s fun. And matchmaking IS better too.

For me, as f2p, fated summon and soul échange made some fun to the game. A bit more 5* out thé training camp would make SE more (often) interesting…

^ This :100:

Wish they would stop saying all the changes are for “Balance”.

The rate of new Heroes being released has greatly increased but the availability of ascension items has not - no balance there.

Either slow the release rate or increase the availability of the ascension mats (or both :scream: ).

Raids: The structure hasn’t changed but superior talents, LB1 and LB2 have all been introduced. The gulf between longer term players (and whales) versus the newer players has vastly increased yet the number of levels in raids remains the same. This needs a re-think to restore balance.

Team Cost: Again, hasn’t changed in forever but now we see teams which consist of five basically 6* heroes. (Think it’s basically obsolete but not worth time/effort to remove.)

Do something that actually improves the balance ( and I don’t mean the Zynga bank balance ).

Add more titles for Alliance members. It’s a big jump from Member to Elder. Would be good for Alliance morale if you could recognise someone but don’t think they are yet up to the additional powers of an Elder.
Add tags to Alliance members so the Leader/Co-Leaders can assign things like “War Chief”, “Recruitment Officer” ( or even “Titan Tamer” :smile: ).

More access to game data. I know (and understand) that an API is completely out of the question but why not write things such as the Titan attack log to a small text file on the device (overwrite each time to avoid space issues).
Why not have an option to write a text file which contains the basic roster information of your Heroes. There are various roster management sites on the web but the biggest issue is keeping things up to date. Having this would help us see where our roster could be improved - WHICH MEANS WE IDENTIFY WHERE WE NEED TO SPEND MONEY.

How about a “sleep” option for all these offers - click the “sleep” button and you don’t see any offers for 30 minutes - even if this is limited to say 3 uses per day.

Stopping now - this is already a wall of text - sorry.


if they remove the ads i leave the game in the same moment, as c2p the ads gave me so much good stuff, yesterday a mystic orb and some trainers, today i already pulled 1 key and a epic token, almost all my 13 summons in the last costume chamber came from keys from ads.

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S1 Hard mode, I’ve been hoping for this a long time


by ads, I don’t mean mystic vision. I mean when you log in, you have to endure all the pop ups of the different things to buy and the different portals. Sometimes, often times, I just want to log in to the game, see how the titan is doing, play a couple of levels, and go back to work.

Mystic Vision is good, but the pop-ups are annoying.


Ah ok, sorry then, i understood wrong then. And yes thats pop ups are a bit much annoying.

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  • Since S1 heroes are forever in every summon gate, they should feature their first costumes. Benefits the player to use that costume on their untrained costumed heroes. The costumed summons gate would still feature the second and beyond costumes.

  • Remove the special animation when facing Titans.

  • Show the Heroes special through a question mark icon when you click on a hero in the summon gate.

  • Pop-up ads should be in a separate tile that can expand when clicked to view all offers. The tile icon can stay on the screen and it can also state NEW in the front of it to let players know there’s a new offer.

  • Have a pop-up animation button to turn on or off.

  • Bring life to the village its dull. More interaction with the villagers and buildings. Make the villagers shop owners to buildings.

  • Players can customize their own village. There’s Halloween, Xmas and Easter. how about Players’ choice?

  • Switch TG from sword or shield depending the battle.

  • S1 commander from storyline should become a hero. Dark Lord became one.

  • Change many of the items and requirements from ham to iron.

  • Convert the amount of emblems into another. For example, 1000 rangers emblems and 20 cleric emblems take a certain amount from the 1000 and convert it to the 20 emblems. if not possible, make transferring emblems into a building.

  • Converting iron to ham and vice versa into a building.

  • When heroes max, their special skill automatically maxes at 8/8.

  • Open the stronghold. Make a room to train one hero at a time automatically, no gems or ham required. there’s no way to speed the process. It would show an exclamation point when the hero reaches ascension, in which the player needs to provide the items and mats to continue the training.


…when old players who left the game, the forum, the life return…