What would happen during war ,,,,,,

hey all
what would happen if
during the middle or start or end of war
if you troops was feed during battle is this possible what actully would happen
has any one tried doing this ,
so lets say 1,2,3,4 were tanks and heelers and 5 was a 2 star pleb you use for meat for fuel what would happen,

during the middle of a war any ideas

Your total team power will go up

There is a rule for this situation. I can’t recall it, though, it was not a happy outcome for the person who tried this.


guess he she did not get cake after battle :smiley:


This is super old (may work differently now), but there seem to be some posts implying they would drop out of War after being eaten:

This thread also had a discussion about this as a “strategy,” but the way war points work now has changed radically, so it wouldn’t work the same way now.


thanks for this i have re adjusted my team back to normal few was just a idea lols

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