What would be your next step if you were in my place


Sonya (10)
Boldtusk (9)
Little John (9)
Li xiu (7)
Rigard (7)
Sabina (4)
Hu tao
Proteus (11)
Grimm (2)

3/60 Heroes


Joon 3/5
Grimble 1/1
Vela 2/1 ( i have the mats)
Grazul 3/26

Waiting for getting up at 3/60
Gaderius x2
Grimm x2
Costume Sonya
Li xiu

Maxed 3

3* I want to level up
Brienne costume
Gunnar costume

What do you think should i being leveling right now?

My materials are
Scopes 7
Tonic 6
Tabard 4
Rings 3
Dards 3
Shields 2
Traps 3
Warm capes 12
Hiiden blade 6
Fine gloves 5
Compasses 0
Damascus 5
Tactic tome 4

Right now im slowly leveling up gaderius… he may be usefull for epic avalon

PD: I have the idea to gather more mats before do my next step. In a few days i will start to investigate tc 20 and next week i assume i will be running it for first time. I dont know what can i pull from there and i dont want to regret any decision

Personally I would keep on with a couple more 4* heroes before starting the time and resource sink that 5* heroes are (not even mentioning how expensive they are in materials)

I spell it out more in this post here:

So in saying that I would probably do:
Blue - Sonya costume & Triton (maybe Valeria too…?) (Kiril too if you get him)
Red - Colen for sure. BT 2 next then Grazul and then back to gormek 2
Green - Melendor & Brianne costume. Then Gaderius.
Purple - Tiburtus & then grimble
Yellow - Li Xiu 2 then Joon. If you get Wu Kong max him ASAP

TC20 is a great free resource. From it you can train 5*, 4* and 3* vanilla (season 1) heroes.

Essentially gives you a chance at summoning any hero available in the normal Epic Hero
Summon Portal.

Odds are approximately 5% for a 5*, 25% for a 4* and 70% for a 3* hero (approx. From memory).

Cost is 100 recruits and about 300k food. Takes 2 days to cook a training.


I love enchancing my 4* roster. I enlarged my roster space too.
My true limitation is the lack of compasses.
If i had more of them i would max melendor and colen for sure, or at least wait to february to see if i pull a better option.

So , despite having the mats you didnt consider maxing vela an option yet, did you?

Knowing my roster you put melendor over gaderius in your preferences.
Is it due to costume mel? or simply by consdering both heroes

I use my Mel (no costume yet) every war. I haven’t used my Gad for anything in months. That isn’t to say Gad is bad but over time he is eclipsed. Maxing full healers is always a good investment.

Strengthen your 4* depth while feeding some legends, but leave the rares for now. Rares are only good for events and tournaments. Otherwise you won’t use them any more.

But is it not a limitant the lacking of compasses? i can rise up all my remaining 4* but only to level 3/60

I have read that gad is very useful for wars and titans.
Mel is very useful for titans for his tile damage.
Anyways i think that costume mel surpases gaderius for too much.

As i said mel is at 3/60. i cannot rise further due to the lacking of compasses

Mel is an average speed heal all dispeller

Gaderius is a HoT (local) slow speed hero with an attack buff.

Overall, melendor is probably more useful but that’s my perspective

I think I would get at LEAST three 4s of each color before embarking on the LONG voyage of the 5s.
Joon would be the 1st 5* then I guess Vela

Why should i Ascend first a 5* that i dont have the mats (joon) and not Ascend ASAP vela which i have the mats?

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I feel joon is way the better hero… I have both and feel this way. joon works fine at 3/70 just a bit soft. but that is also just my opinion. but i will say that knowing what i know now i would 3/70 joon asap
ur thinking on vela and having everything is a correct thinking. i just think joon will win u more fights

Yeah , joon at 3/60 can be dangerous . What is more i lack good yellow heroes (i didnt have luck with jackal u.u.)

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i hope u have great luck with which ever u choose.

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Guess that my closest yellow project is or either rise joon to 3/60 which already discussed or maxing another li xiu. (I like li xiu, but two of her ?) Well i could use one with costume but im not fond of duplicates only grimm

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Hello, its me again.
We have farholme pass, and thanks to god there is a compass. I dont have compass and i cannot max any other 4*.

My maxed roster is

Little John
Hu tao

Next heroes in folder, and here is where i need your help. With that farholme Compass i can Max only one more for now:

Vela which i have the mats ready

Melendor. I want the costume. Missing 2 shields

And here is a dilema. I have only 200 druid emblems. So the fight is between melendor or vela. And i tend to think that melendor would be more useful in wars and in general. more with his costume or emblems

Other options to consider:

Gaderius, Tibertus, Ameona, Triton and Colen (he is a good attack hero).

Other options:
Wait to the end of the month to see if tc20, avalon , Atlantis or costume chamber give something better

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