What would be you Raid / Defense Team?


I have the following Heroes ready to go. I also have the ascension materials for at least 2 Heroes to Max.

  1. Which Heroes would you Ascend?
  2. What would be your Defense Team?
  3. What would be your Raid Team / PVE Team?

Looking forward to your comments.

Thanks so much in advance!


You should max some 4* first, then work on 5* heroes.

Blue: Triton, then Boril
Red: Wilbur, Falcon, then Lancelot
Green: Kashhrek
Purple: Proteus
Yellow: Wu, then Jackal

Your attacking team depends on the opponent’s defence.

Defence team: Triton-Wilbur-Kashhrek-Falcon-Proteus (I’m not a big fan of that team but it looks like your best option for now).


@Mahamoti You have received a good answer from @D_DI where to focus on. Stable your 4 star heroes first. Afterwards you can work on your 5 star heroes.

Thank you D_Di for your valuable input.

I would be interested on other thoughts as well. Feel free to post whats on your mind!

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Defense team: Wilbur, Caedmon, Kiril, Rigard, Jackal.

Wilbur and Jackal would be my first options to level. If you could max Musashi in short time he could be an interesting option. But may sñow your overall progress.

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Def Li, Kash, Kiril, Gormek and Figard
ATk add ,mix in Wilbur, Jackal, Proteus, Falcon
You might want to sit on the 5 for a while, also you will needs a couple of 3*’ team along with a few 4*'s.
I’m not a fan But Wu seems to be a required titan hitter.
Fun to be had.

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