What would be useful next? Red Ascension

Im torn between QoH and Jf probably siding with QoH more.
Thanks ahead

Queen of Hearts, taunt is really strong and she benefits from minion’s horde war rule.


Ok thanks… The other option would be gkong but with garnet and grazul i dont really need a cleanser

Kong is still a heavy hitter, but QoH is so good!

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JF is very strong, his fast burn can be deadly and resistance to ice and def down is over the charts. You don’t have GM. I guess it’s a matter of playing style.

However Queen of Hearts + Freya is pretty deadly as well.

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What are your red war teams?
What’s your current red mana troop situation?

I would probably do JF, Kong or Kestrel before QoH, unless you can allocate a lvl23 mana troop to QoH and use her with Puss in Boots (which I don’t think you have). Kong and Kestrel can also be useful in events if you push for high score on legendary mode. Kong’s cleanse is probably not as useful assuming you use 2 red war teams, one with Garnet and one with Grazul (although the cleanse still could be useful due to timing). JF is decent on offense, especially since you don’t have GM. If you have Killhare or Lepus, JF can also combo with them. Therefore, I would do JF if priority for war, or Kestrel if priority on war and event pushing (since both JF and Kestrel are fast).

Nice roster!


Priority is war… unfortunately my mana troops are only 11.
I guess i might go JF although i ll probably wont be able to emblem him further than 6 or 7
It s really a problem with emblems though with wizard class

Anyway thanks everyone for the feedback and the exhaustive answers…much appreciated

I’d probably go either Kestrel or Kong

Without a level 23 mana troop, I’d say Kestrel

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For a war team BT wilbur flacon kong will wreck the oppersite team to shreds.


I would do kong for the dispell.

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Kong cleanses, not dispel. Kong is a great hero but given he has Grazul and Garnet (as well as lack of lvl23 mana troop), imo, I think there is less need for an average speed cleanser.


Kong has great tile damage and special dmg that would go nicely mana speedwise with with boldtusk, wilbur, falcon.


You are correct! I get those damn terms mixed up!!

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They both essentially mean the same thing which is why it used to only be dispel. Cleanse is new to the cards. Not really sure why the cards needed to get cluttered up with two words that mean the same thing :joy:


It’s more of an Rpg(role playing games) reminiscence where removal of magic on self or party is called cleanse while the same thing on enemy is called dispel

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QoH is old news, the taunt follows the minion not the caster, and the minion dies way too easily from just tiles. Unlike Krampus QoH only buffs herself against special skills but not tiles, and unlike BK who gives everybody berserk, QoH does no such thing so I’m not afraid to dump off-color tiles into the defense. Also unlike BK where you need two dispels if you wish to get rid of the berserk, you could tile the minion to death, then dispel her SS defense buff, so only one dispel (+tiles) needed to completely neutralize her special. She’s basically a very poor man’s BK if you catch my drift.

BT+Wilbur+Kong = entire defense down to about 40% HP. Throw in Falcon on top of all that = 3 dead heroes and two critically wounded ones. Yes average speed and all that but when they do go off, you’ve basically won the match. Truly a boom or bust team (to channel NittanyLionRoar). Plus Kong’s cleanse could come in useful against the army of Velas that still dominate the battlefield despite all the nerfs.

Vote = Kong


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