What would be my best defense team - Poll included

OK recently pulled Bai and Skadi and have contemplated shaking up my defense team to include C-Rigard to wipe the DOT that is so popular. The poll shows what I believe my top options are for a defense team. Let me know what you think is best. Here is the link to my heroplan if you want full information (I have enough mats to level one of each color if a suggestion I have not listed is best.).


  • C-Kiril+20, GM+5, Telly+11, Sartana+3, Joon+9
  • C-Rigard+19, Skadi+9, Telly+11, GM+5, Bai+9
  • C-Rigard+19, Skadi(no emblems), Telly+11,GM+5, Joon+9
  • Sartana+3, Skadi+9, Telly+11, GM+5, Bai+9
  • Sartana+3, Skadi(No emblems), Telly+11, GM+5, Joon+9

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I will add that to get Skadi to +9 I would have to strip from Joon.

Skadi is insanely good now and I’d say a very worthy monk to emblem.

Bai on wing… hmm well that is kind of an issue though. But I’d take Skadi’s more damaging hit over putting Kiril on wing (who probably won’t do anything useful by the time he’s charged)

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@DaveCozy My only two yellow 5* are Bai and Joon, and I would have to pull the +9 off Joon to give to Skadi. I haven’t allocated Ranger emblems yet (Liana is stuck at 3/70) so those can all go to Bai. So the question becomes is +9 Bai better than Joon with no emblems or keep emblems on Joon and leave Skadi unemblemed? A new twist is also Monk in POV, so that can move Skadi or Joon to +12. Leave Joon at +9 and Skadi to +4 and have to keep splitting emblems.

I’d say Joon and Skadi are both worth embleming. I understand you can only do one (as most players right now) but I’d say that both are worth emblems.

The thing that pushes me more-so towards embleming Skadi is that Kiril is definitely going to be worse than Bai on defense, specially on wing.

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So far adding Skadi looks like the call, and not a lot of love for adding a healer/cleanser to replace Kiril. We will see where this goes. Thanks to all that have voted so far!

Skadi/Bai combo in the lead… will it hold on?

Thank you to everyone that has voted so far, the race is tightening up!

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