What will you do if Tella/Vela are overnerfed?

  • Accept it
  • Stop donating for some time
  • Never donate again
  • Quit playing

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What would I do?



I will start enjoying raids again! I’m so sick of the Telluria tanks everywhere :nauseated_face:


@voidstrike can you make a poll similar to this… but put your own spin on it?


I will thank SG for giving me a reason to stop donating. This is nothing but a violation of trust based on class warfare nonsense. I don’t have grave or Gwen and I’ve had a hard time in raids until I got telluria. And I spent a pretty penny to get her. And sg just kicked me in the teeth. Fair is fair. It’s their game but it’s my money.


Just for me to understand: what is the power of your attack teams, and what is the arena level, you are normally fighting at?

It is true, once you gather over 2500 cups - most likely Tella will be the center.

But this is a challenge - how to crack it. Grazul turned out to be as useful as never. Mitsuko is brilliant against Vela on flank. Yellow mono with Malosi and Mist also is ok. Now I have a choice - if I need meat - I seek for other centers, if I want challenge - I seek for Tella:)


I was also thinking of another poll “what would you deem a fair compensation”. My thought would be “offer to replace Tella with any hero on choice at the same level of ascension”.


I already did it

Also had stripped Telluria of lvl 18 emblems long ago because he can bite it…no video of that unfortunately


I was over 2500 cups almost all the time, until Telluria came up. I am a F2P/C2P and there are no heroes to deal with her in my universe. Grazul, Zimkitha are must-haves here. My red stack? You’ll think I must be kidding, but it’s a maxed Khagan and 2 Elenas I don’t want to ascend. 17 rings waiting for Marjana if I ever get her. My cleansers? Last time I got Rigard’s costume and he’s actually my only hope (the other choice is slow Vivica), but he need’s my only purple mana troop to be viable. But it’s still not enough to win against Telluria, it’s rather to survive longer, maybe kill her and damage flanks with luck. But the worst part was war with almost all Terlluria tanks and such a limited roster. Did I say you’re supposed to also bring a debuffer to face her?
This is the only case in the game, when a tank forces you to bring cleanser, debuffer and mono red which have none of them (except Zimkitha for the chosen ones).


I’ll change up my defense and attack lineups a bit… outside of that I hope that SG does something to help with the toxic atmosphere and allowing folks to reset heroes that are nerfed would go a long way… but, we’ll probably just get a world energy flask and the chats will remain toxic to the point that it’s no longer interesting / fun to engage with the player base… that won’t end well.


I will level Lepus and let Vela rot on 3/70.

About Telluria - she will became my biggest tonic regret.


Me having 3 accounts.
2 of them , me play war and titan only.
May be after v30 , my 3rd will be the same.
Coz after hearing about hero balancing, me completely lost interest on playing.
Now I’m busy on watching tik tok YouTube videos. :grin:


Well - if “just giving the energy flask” is a their view of true “balance” - toxic attitude will be well deserved.


Understand - with such a hero deck Tella is a problem.
And I assume you do not see Gwinevra an issue, as they used to appear at 2600-2700, and were not that numerous?

No, it’s no challenge at all… it would be a challenge if you’d have to go looking for Telluria. The way it is now, fighting Telluria is just dull routine…


Honestly, Guinevere was a big problem for me some time ago, but now with Cheshire Cat and Domitia she can be moved out of the tank spot, debuffed or simply killed by 3 purple tiles when going mono. If I don’t have purple tiles I can just throw everything on her and load my heroes afterwards - she doesn’t stop me like Telluria. Indeed, she can be pain on wars as well, but many less people own her.
BTW when I take my mono red to face Telluria, heroes like Elena and Colen get decent damage just from the minions, lol.


Hi, i paid my gems. I used my gems to get vela and Telluria as they are. I will not waste my money for chars i don’t need . Changing Telluria and Vela stats down is like a SCAM of money. I did not spend a single gem for Jean Francois because it was too much nerfed.


I don’t see the point of bringing a debuffer against Telluria. Why? To get the of her HoT? I don’t care about her HoT or damage or minions… lots of heroes do that. I only care about the mana slow. That’s why I’d rather take Malosi any day over a dispeller against Telluria.


Gwin is still a pain with her defense from dark.

However I guess the key is that she is rear. Sounds ridiculous: imbalanced hero which few people have (inequality) does not disturb balance, and when many people have an imbalanced hero - this threatens balance.

You do realise both of them were bonus draws, so technically you paied nothing to get them… for your gems you got Dawa and Renfeld most likely…


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