What will happen in war matchmaking if this is the case

Suppose that there is 1 alliance with only 1 member.
When war matchmaking in progress, about 3-5 minutes BEFORE the opponent decided by the computer (aka last minutes), that 1 member invite 29 strong player to join his alliance and all come in.

So will there is any possibility that 30 members fights against 1 weak opponent since 29 members joined in the very last minutes when computers already calculated everything?

You have to be present and opted into War before matchmaking starts to participate in that War. The new people joining would be stuck in Spectator Mode for that War.


So does it mean if the notification already said “matchmaking in progress” then whoever joined after that notification, they won’t be included in war?

That’s my understanding, and seems to match what others have said:

But there’s some debate in this thread of the exact timing, which actually turns out to essentially be asking the same question you are:

But suffice it to say that one way or another, the matchmaking happens based on a snapshot of eligible participants.

So regardless of when in the process the cutoff is, you’re either in both the matchmaking and the War, or you’re out.

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Naughty boy :older_woman:

I just joined an alliance after the “matchmaking in progress” notification appeared and I’m not in spectator mode.

@Petri see previous post.

@MantisToboggan Can someone from your new alliance confirm how many hours (minutes?) after the notification you joined?


This me no likeee! (Thanks for reporting it.)

Don’t have any screenshots, sorry. It was 4 or 5 minutes after matching started, I knew it had already began yet tried my luck anyway and here I am. Switched from matching to prep around 15 minutes after I joined.
It has matched us 23 vs 23 and war score within 500 points of each other (0.14% variance), so me sneaking in during matching hasn’t skewed the outcome.



Wait, so nearly a day after matching began??

No :confused: matching began at 9:00am GMT this morning, I overslept and joined one around 9:05

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Lol keep screwin around and our chests will got locked down again…shhhhh

Well I’m not terrible hawked about five minutes. Being able to join hours after matchmaking starts or nearly a day later would annoy me, but I expect things to be slightly in flux at the beginning of the shift.

Lolll I didn’t wanna say too much :roll_eyes: but you can see from the matching that it isn’t doing any harm so leave my chest alone SG!!

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I’d venture to guess that the “matchmaking” process included you in the War score and found a similar alliance with your activity in mind, which is why both alliances had 23 members.


I tend to agree with @Rook - things are likely still in flux for the first few minutes after the war matching starts. Honestly, I would expect this since the alliances themselves are not locked down. If it was a hard stop on things, then changing alliances would have to be locked down as well.

Here’s my thoughts on the process and what happened to you. I have no inside knowledge beyond working with systems and processes in my RL job :rofl:

  1. The matchmaking notification is changed to the in-progress one.
  2. The system starts going through the bazillion alliances and taking snapshots of each alliance along the way.
  3. You changed alliances.
  4. The system got to your alliance and took a snapshot. This includes you.
  5. Snapshots are concluded.
  6. Matches are made based on those snapshots.

The other explanation is there is a bug and I really hope that is not the case…


One way or another this could be an exploit to take advantage of if it is indeed true.

depends on which version is true. In one version, nothing unfair happened and the matchmaking process included the newcomer. In the other, there is a bug. To me, it looks like no bug and the newcomer just sneaked in before the matchmaking actually started looking closely at his alliance and crunch numbers.

My case sounds like nothing, I just chimed in because it fits the bill that OP was asking about.
I snuck in during the ‘downtime’ on the server where it was calculating matches, just before it was finished, and it clearly adjusted my alliance opponent appropriately. If it noticed my arrival then it would do the same if 28 others joined, surely.

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Sounds like someone just wants a confirmation before they exploit the system :rofl:

I agree - as long as they lock things down by taking a snapshot of the opted in team the exact timing shouldn’t matter. Whatever they snapshot is used in matchmaking and the war. Doing it any other way would be needlessly complex and error prone.

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