What will be on the third tower?

I’m curious. For years we got the dragon on the left tower. Then suddenly the phoenix appeared on the second tower. We’ve got one tower left. when will the last tower be filled and what will be on it? Use your phantasy. The developers will develop something.

Will it be another dragon? I’m betting on a girl with long blond hair that hangs from the tower. Everytime the hair reaches the bottom we will get aethers.

What do you think?

If they do anything with it, which i doubt, it may be an Owl, since that’s Costume Vivica’s companion in the art.

Am hoping it is a paywall.

I don’t get your comment. You said you stopped playing a couple of months ago but you’re still here stirring things up, what gives?


Was being cynically sarcastic.

He’s the equivalent of an ex-alcoholic standing outside a Pub telling everyone they are stupid for keep going in.

I get it though, you get burnt you feel everyone else must be getting burnt as well. So the need to try and tell us all we are trapped but don’t know it is very strong.

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I’m answering posts here based on game experience. Your amateur armchair psychology is pathetic. If you don’t like my posts, ignore them. :wink:

My neighbor’s bratty kid got beachball stuck on mine.


Omg that’s so sad hahaha

Thought the 3rd tower was for beach balls, snow men, pumpkins and Easter eggs. Not sure what will be the decor for Kalevala.

Amateur armchair psychology? Okay. You keep trolling threads and I’ll just ignore your comments and insults. Enjoy

They’re just answering to posts, with an analogy, much like you do…very frequently. Your “holier than thou” attitude is shining through with that passive aggressive response.

It was a weak analogy. Something closer would be people that have lost quality of life complaining in an open forum about how their drinking problem is causing this. Having dealt with a few with alcohol use disorder, I think they can stop drinking but they will always be an alcoholic. I’m providing guidance on the game. Those triggered are just posting about me. Maybe a safe space can be created where a committee can complain about me. As mentioned above, if you don’t like my posts then ignore them.

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