What will be on offer

Hello, does anyone know what will be on offer in the next days?Screenshot_20181224-150254_Empires

  1. free tokens or Flasks. 26.-30. probably three different offers. Cheap / medium / expensive 31. free token or flasks depending on 25.

This is what was given last christmas, if you wanna compare to tomorrow’s free gift.

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And today I am looking to buy an offer or will it be better for me to make diamonds plus tokens,?

31 free gift will be some thing good to be used in Xmas event but we will get it when every thing is over some thing to make you feel like :exploding_head:
Zynga’s sense of humor :roll_eyes:

2 gems and a turtle banner

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More like no gems, turtle banner and daily summon token lol

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I really hope it is a pony :unicorn:


Hope I am wrong. but the big calendar block coincides with atlantis so my guess is no deals during that period. Been pleased with the calendar overall so not really a big deal.

Calendar does not influence other deals. Atlantis Flash offer will still be there. So could other desls also appear

There will be an offer. Never fear. Here’s what was there last year:

This really shows how the money flows in the game today… One year ago the max price was 10$ and this month the max price in Euros was 110€!!!

The game has good dynamics and has a exponential growth that cannot be measured.

I hope that next year we would not see another increase of prices…

The game is slowly become a P2W game and you have to spend a lot to maintain a good rhythm to battle against top teams and alliances…

New changes will come in 2019 that will change the game as it is today.

I have higher hopes and bigger concerns about the game is starting to become…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Empires and Puzzles players!!!

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