What will be next event and which heroe(s) i can expect in may?

Okay, 2nd thursday i can expect an event. Can i find out somewhere what event it will be, what heroes i might expect and if there’s a colour that i shouldn’t use?

Since the devs haven’t announced a new event, I’m assuming next month will be Pirates again. It’s purple reflective and the heroes are Peters (green), Boomer (purple), Kestral (red), Locke (green), and Sargasso (purple). Yellow and red heroes are critical in this event.


Thank you for the info! I was curious myself.

I only like Peters in this event. Haha

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Yeah, the pirates are pretty underwhelming, especially considering how good the Guardians and Knights heroes are for the most part.

Figured I would skip my usual 10x during event unless HoTM is worth the risk.

While I don’t think Pirates is as exciting as the other events, I’m looking forward to it. Previously I was just looking to complete the events for the initial reward but after watching Zero and Anchor run through their events and explain their mindset, I have a different outlook on events. I appreciate the strategy and I am going to try to be more competitive.

HotM will be worth the risk :slight_smile:, though you might prefer to do an elemental summon instead.

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Time to level up your Squire Rabbits! lol

Peters is a great hero, i am wishing I didn’t eat my second copy months back before i knew AW was to be a thing. Boomer on the other hand…does seem to do anything well lol.

I have 2 Squire Rabbits and was thinking of feeding one to the other. Would you suggest levelling both?

Do you care about the beginner challenge events? He’s the best 3* in the game for those, but unless you’re planning on competing heavily then one is enough.

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I have 2 also, though only 1 is maxed out all the way. He is absolutely my heaviest hitting 3*, and I will max the other eventually. I haven’t battle tested him too much yet and I have some concerns about his durability, but he hits so hard it might not be an issue…

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Looking forward to the next event

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