What way to do S4 summons

Hi all for S2 and S3 I used coins immediately I reached 100 when summon portal came. Ended with no legendary heroes from S2 and only Norns and baulder from S3 ( S2 and S3 normal and hard modes finished already) . So I’m deciding to collect all coins without doing any summon until 1 year ( all province unlocked) and do summons at once ( I already used 100 coins in first summon portal and got dr,Moreau) .

So please tell doing instantly or collecting coins and doing at last will be good chance to get legendary heroes based on ur experiences?

Thanks .

The odds are the same whether you wait and pull all at once, or if you pull as soon as you have enough coins. The only difference is if you are using gems. The odds are the same, but it is cheaper to do a 10-pull than pulling one at a time.

Imagine you get extremely lucky and get a 5* with your first coin pull. You would have gone a whole year without that hero if you wait.


For getting more 5* heroes you must spend money in this game. Odds are too low and no matter will you summon 1x or 10x - result of each summon calculated separately

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Also, you have been extremely lucky so far. I have done nearly 300 S4 pulls and didn’t get a single 5* hero.


Thanks guys for your valuable comments and if I wait I have the chance for future S4 heroes also know

When S2 first came, I regularly summon there every month using the coins and gems gathered and bought that time in 2018 and early 2019. In all summoning attempts at the S2 portal, it yielded me 3 Mitsukos, 2 Ariels, 1 Kageburado, 1 Inari, 1 Poseidon, and 1 Atomos as Atlantis legendaries, missing only badly wanted Tarlak and Ursena, and ignoring Mok-Arr and Misandra. As featured past HOTMs, I have gathered 2 Kunchens, 1 Ares, 1 Alberich, 1 Athena. The problem with summoning every month is that you may tend to get dupe legendaries. But due to the limited budget back then, I only have Mitsuko and Ariels in dupes, who are heroes some players wont mind maxing dupes of them.

When S3 commenced, my original plan was to collect as many valhalla coins possible from various free sources and only use them when all legendaries are summonable. I somewhat deviated a little, summoning a portion of my hoarded coins and use some of them every 3-4 months. So, for the those previous summoning at S3, due to the limited number of summon attempts, it was understandable not pulling a legendary (I still don’t have even Almur). When S3 was about to finish, Alfrike and Fenrir graced me their presence. Ratatoskr was from a previous summon attempt. The disadvantage I find in this strategy is that, as pointed out by others, you still have the same summoning odds (actually reduced for a specific hero because the pool is already inundated by more legendaries) and when you summon one, the new shiny toy is not that anymore new and shiny as players may have already been using them for quite some time. Though there are really good S3 legendaries that will last for quite some time, i.e. Alfrike, Frigg, Odin, Lord Loki, etc.

Going on to S4, I don’t know what would be my summoning schedules, whether to summon once I have the required number of coins, or hold on to them and only summon when I have enough for a 5x or 10x pull, or hold on to them until when all S4 legendaries are available at the portal. I wont be using gems to pull any hero from any portal, that’s for sure.


I Agree with @Ultra , but random is random.
S2 atlantis: What I have is 2x Poseidon, 2x Ursena, and Atomos.
The 2nd Poseidon and 2nd Ursena they both get from not as featured in Portal.
Missing badly need Ariel, Mitsuko, Tarlak and Kage.

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So what will you prefer more ?

Are we talking atlantis coins only or gem pulls as well? If it’s coins only, think yourself blessed by luck as all my S2 coins brought me 1 x Mitsuko, 1 x Kageburao and 1 x Frida… As for S3 coins (about half of them spent at this point) no legendaries so far and I’m not getting my hopes high…

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IMO, other option is pull whenever we do not have HOTM on that month, otherwise… waiting all S4 release is also a great option specially if the last batch have some great heroes.


For me it also depends on how interesting the featured heroes are as well as the HoTM. And that depends on who else you have and whether you have the mats to ascend them even if you pull them! Also if like now I don’t have so many levelling projects ongoing.
I tend to pull more when there are 4* heroes that I like as that’s the more likely result considering my limited pulls!
So I might wait for later S4 portals when more 4* s are released.


i will continue on same way as i always have and summon as I can. S2 only provided me a featured HOTM when running & didnt get a S2 5* until well after rising had gotten boring and i still only now have Ariel & Misandra. S3 I have now managed to collect Frigg and Freya and still need to finish province 21 onwards on hard mode.

Random is random, who knows when I may get more than Gramps in S4 but I will just keep chipping away until my luck comes


There is also the notion that the pool is smaller as new season was being released, so there is perhaps higher chance to land on a specific hero early because the pool has not been diluted with other choices.

In Season 2, I summoned as soon as I get enough coins, and the coins were more abundant because we are still finishing stages, so it is not out of the realm of possibility to get at least 1 or 2 free pulls via coins each month as contents were being released. Muggy and Ursena were released a month after the story ended for Atlantis. So that’s when the pool is fully diluted, but then the guaranteed coins were already starting to be a little more limited from finishing Normal/Hard Stages and the guaranteed coins from missions. This was all before Atlantis Rises, Sea Dragons, and subsequent replacement of Atlantis Coins in favor of Valhalla Coins. Season 2 heroes I have - All 3s, short of 2 4, and Atomos as the only 5*.

Season 3 I took a different approach and wanted to wait until the pool is fully diluted, but it doesn’t look like there were any new Season 3 heroes released after the story ended. But I also wanted to wait until I finish both Normal and Hard missions and the Avatar missions before using any Valhalla Coins. I don’t have any season 3 heroes at the moment.

I don’t plan on venturing any Season 4 stages or do any summons for that matter until I finish what I wanted to do in Season 3 and summon some heroes there. From the discussions, it seems that there are already a few studs in the 5* out of the releases so far, so you “may” get higher chances at those specific ones if you choose to summon earlier instead of later.

But RNG is going to RNG.


No. It’s a combination of both. Back then in the 2nd half of 2018 and first half of 2019, I was VC2P, buying only gem offers not more 3 US dollars, accumulating them, and doing x10 pulls. I slowed down spending on the 2nd half of 2019, only buying gem offers below 2 US dollars. I stopped summoning heroes using gems sometime in the early GTV meta.

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I have been playing 2 1/2 years, summon often, every Atlantis portal, and have Mok-Arr and Inari to show for it.

S3 and the Ninja tower have been friendlier, though I have been unluckily lucky, I guess you could say. I have Freya, Skadi and Tyr, but I also have three Lady Lokis and three Heimdalls. Would love if that was spread out a bit. I also have three Onyx, and no other ninjas.


Man, I feel you. That was how I felt when I got 3 Mits in S2 portal. That was why when S3 came up, I told myself never again. We are bound to get dupe heroes in that portal if we summon many times every time those portals open. I still wanted Tarlak and Ursena from S2. But using gems to summon there ain’t worth it anymore, especially if I am to get dupe Inari or dupe Atomos, or worst, 4th Mitsuko. I only spent Atlantis Coins there if Tarlak or Ursena is one of the featured hero. Got 2nd Kunchen when Ursena was featured, and I haven’t ascended my first Kunch even. As for S3, out of Ratatoskr, Fenrir and Alfrike, only the Alfrike was fully ascended while the first 2 was left at 3/70. I am leaning ascending Rat, after I finished placing Jade to 3/70. Been leveling 1st copies of my legendaries to 3/70 and only ascended them if I find them vital. So far, only Gazelle, GM and Lianna with costumes are the heroes I have dupes maxed. And so far, I am working on Sir Roostley, Malicna, Thorne, and Jade are my projects to 3/70 while Marjana is already close to getting maxed, who will be followed by Khagan, whose original and costume version is at 3/70. Only Owl and Isarnia are still left untouched while Obakan is already at 3/21 with maxed skills, overtaken by Malicna who is somewhat promising.

I wish coins for Atlantis and Valhalla are widely accessible, or may be made as a reward in some new quests.

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